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Latest Stories

NEWS Deaths from prescription drugs: 500,000; deaths from supplements: 0

January 9th 2017 /

Nearly 500,000 Americans died after taking a prescription drug in 2015, according to cases reported to the US National Poison Data System. By comparison, no deaths were recorded for vitamins, minerals or nutritional supplements.

NEWS Doctor discovers ‘new’ organ that could be linked to inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes

January 9th 2017 /

The practise of medicine may go back thousands of years—but only last week a doctor has discovered a ‘new’ organ in our digestive system which may be linked to inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes.

NEWS Paleo-type diet reversing Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis

January 4th 2017

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are being reversed solely by diet—essentially a Paleo diet. The non-drug approach has been successful in 80 per cent of children who’ve been put on the special diet.

NEWS Doctors ignore a patient’s best healing agent—friends and family

January 4th 2017

Doctors are ignoring one of the most powerful healing agents around—the patient’s own network of family and friends, a new study has found. Instead of seeing more doctors, patients should be encouraged to interact with their social network in a ‘five-step ladder’ of support.

NEWS Omega-3 supplements reduce childhood asthma risk by a third

January 4th 2017

Women who take omega-3 supplements when they’re pregnant reduce the chances of their child developing asthma by a third, a new study has found.

NEWS Regular screening for prostate cancer isn’t saving lives

January 2nd 2017 /

Regular screening to catch cancer early may be good medical practice—but it doesn’t apply to prostate cancer. Men who are never screened are living as long as those who have annual check-ups, researchers have discovered.

NEWS Average student puts on extra 10 lbs at university

January 2nd 2017

We all know that the student’s diet is poor—and it shows: the average student puts on an extra 10 pounds (4.53 kg) over his or her time at university and college, and many who were overweight become obese during their years of study.

NEWS Women with strong social connections more likely to survive breast cancer

December 28th 2016

Women are more likely to survive breast cancer if they have a strong social network of friends and family—but those who are more isolated are twice as likely to die from the disease.

NEWS Running could help prevent osteoarthritis

December 28th 2016

It sounds counter-intuitive—but running reduces inflammation in the knee, and could help prevent osteoarthritis, a disease that’s usually attributed to wear and tear.

NEWS Our gut could be shaping our mental health

December 26th 2016

Our gut is much smarter than we realise—and could determine the state of our mental health. The micro-organisms in the gut—known as the microbiome—influence mood and anxiety, and could even cause chronic problems such as depression and bipolar disorder.

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