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Latest Stories

NEWS Scientists seek funding to research health dangers of aluminium in vaccines

December 26th 2017

A group of scientists is looking to raise Euro550,000 through crowdfunding to investigate the potential side effects of aluminium salts in vaccines such as the DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) and HPV jabs.

NEWS Tis the season to be jollier (our wine glasses are seven times larger today, after all)

December 21st 2017

'Tis the season to be jolly, but it could be we're jollier than our predecessors—in fact, we would probably drink the average Georgian or Victorian under the table. That's because the size of our wine glasses is around seven times larger than it was 300 years ago.

NEWS If you're over 65, start taking vitamins

December 20th 2017

The over-65s should start taking vitamin supplements every day, say researchers who have discovered that half the elderly population is nutritionally deficient, and especially in vitamin D.

NEWS Mobile phone radiation triples miscarriage risk

December 18th 2017 /

Radiation from mobile (cell) phones and wi-fi dramatically increases the risk of miscarriage, a new study has discovered.

NEWS Canola oil can cause Alzheimer's and memory loss

December 15th 2017

Canola oil is a cheaper option to olive oil that is marketed as being just as healthy—but it could be a cause of Alzheimer's disease and general mental decline as we get older, scientists have discovered.

NEWS Hormone contraceptives increase breast cancer risk

December 14th 2017

All forms of hormonal contraception increase a woman's risk of breast cancer—and that's also true for the 'safer' progesterone-only pill, a major new study has found.

NEWS Cheers! A few mugs of green tea every day reduce your chances of dementia

December 13th 2017

Drinking plenty of green tea every day—ideally two or more cups—reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

NEWS Routine mammograms aren't life-savers, say researchers

December 11th 2017

Are routine mammograms to detect breast cancer actually worth having? When you weigh up the low number of lives they're saving, and the high number of false cases they're detecting, it's all very marginal, a new study has concluded.

NEWS Common blood pressure drugs raise skin cancer risk seven-fold

December 8th 2017 /

Some of the world's most common drugs for high blood pressure (hypertension) 'significantly' increase the risk of skin cancer, new research has discovered.

NEWS Cheese doesn't cause heart disease—it prevents it

December 7th 2017

Standard medical theory maintains that saturated fats from our diet cause heart disease—but, far from causing it, new research has discovered that eating a little piece of cheese every day lowers your chances of ever getting the disease or suffering a stroke.

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