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Latest Stories

NEWS Stop taking aspirin to prevent heart disease—it doesn't work

June 7th 2017

Aspirin is the world's most common just-in-case pill that is supposed to help prevent heart disease—but unless you've already suffered a heart attack, it's not going to have any benefit, new research has discovered.

NEWS Common antioxidant reverses skin ageing and makes you look younger, scientists prove

June 5th 2017

Want to look younger? Scientists have discovered that a common antioxidant has the power to slow—and even reverse—the usual signs of ageing in the skin.

NEWS Why a low-carb diet is the key to fighting cancer and heart disease

June 2nd 2017 /

A low-carb diet could kick-start the immune system and fight cancer and diseases such as heart problems and arthritis, say scientists this week.

NEWS Beta blockers for all heart attack patients is bad practice

May 31st 2017 /

It's established medical practice to prescribe a beta blocker drug to someone who's suffered a heart attack—but it needs revising because the drug isn't always necessary, and it can cause debilitating side effects.

NEWS Parents face fines if they don't vaccinate their children

May 31st 2017

Parents in Germany face fines of up to Euros2,500 if they don't have their children vaccinated. Nurseries and childcare centres will be required under new laws to inform on any parents who fail to produce a doctor's note proving vaccination.

NEWS Not just complementary, tai chi treats depression all by itself

May 30th 2017 /

Tai chi, the slow-motion Chinese exercise, has often been used as a complement to drugs for treating depression—but a new study has discovered it can dramatically improve the problem without the drugs.

NEWS Chondroitin as effective as a prescription painkiller for osteoarthritis

May 26th 2017

If you're suffering from osteoarthritis, your best option is chondroitin, a new study has discovered. The supplements are as effective at reducing pain and improving movement as the prescription drug celecoxib—and without the dangerous side effects.

NEWS Heart flutter risk reduced by eating chocolate

May 25th 2017

Eating some chocolate at least once a week reduces the risk of heart flutter (atrial fibrillation), a common problem that affects one in four people at some time.

NEWS Depression overdiagnosed by questionnaire developed by drug company

May 24th 2017

People are being diagnosed with depression with a simplistic point-scoring questionnaire that was developed by the drug company that has some of the leading antidepressant brands, and so is most likely to benefit from a diagnosis and prescription.

NEWS Start eating nuts to stop cancer recurring, survivors told

May 22nd 2017

Eating a handful of nuts every week should form part of every cancer survivor's diet. Nuts—and especially tree nuts such as hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts—reduce the chances of the cancer coming back.

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