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NEWS Pig antibiotic causes cancer when we eat processed meats

April 13th 2016

Here’s another good reason to eat organic (and avoid processed meats): scientists have discovered that an antibiotic used to prevent swine flu in pigs can cause cancer. The biggest risk is from pork liver, which is found in hot dogs, lunchmeat and some sausages.

NEWS Now, wash your hands (except nurses don’t)

April 13th 2016 /

It’s something we tell our kids to do, but nurses and care workers in outpatient centres are still not washing their hands, even after they’ve dressed a wound or vaccinated someone. The spread of infections—including life-threatening MRSA bugs and hepatitis—is much more likely as a result, a new report has discovered.

NEWS An apple a day keeps a fatal heart attack away (and works as well as a statin)

April 11th 2016 /

Just eating one apple a day could reduce your chances of a fatal heart attack by 60 per cent. It could even be as good as a statin drug for reducing cholesterol levels and an antihypertensive for bringing down your blood pressure.

NEWS Ole! Tequila could reverse osteoporosis

April 11th 2016

It’s pretty lethal when we drink it, but extracts from tequila help us absorb calcium and magnesium, and may help prevent osteoporosis. It can also promote the building of new bone.

NEWS ADT could make prostate cancer more aggressive

April 11th 2016

One of the most common treatments for prostate cancer suppresses the immune system and could promote further cancer growth. The hormone therapy, ADT (androgen deprivation therapies), stops our T-cells from fighting the cancer, a new study has discovered.

NEWS It’s what you eat—and not how much—if you want to lose weight and reduce your diabetes risk

April 6th 2016

It’s what you eat—and not how much—that will help you lose weight, and reduce your risk for diabetes and heart disease. To achieve all of this, the best diet to follow is the Paleolithic, which eliminates dairy, cereals, added salt and refined fats and sugars, say researchers.

NEWS It’s your waist measurement (and not your BMI) that predicts your chances of a heart attack

April 6th 2016

Forget BMI (body mass index), the standard measure of health—it’s your waist circumference that is a better indicator of heart disease, a new study has concluded.

NEWS It’s not in the head—statins really do cause bad muscle pain

April 6th 2016

They’ve often been dismissed as imagining it—but people taking cholesterol-lowering statins really are experiencing bad muscle pains and weakness, an independent study has concluded.

NEWS Cholesterol theory discredited by drugs trial failure

April 4th 2016

For years, medicine has told us that we need to raise our ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, while reducing ‘bad’ LDL levels, to avoid heart disease—a theory that gave birth to statin drugs. But the theory has taken a severe knock after a new drug achieved both outcomes with interest and yet still didn’t prevent anyone from getting a heart attack or stroke.

NEWS Homeopathy granted same status as conventional medicine in Switzerland

April 4th 2016

Homeopathy has been granted the same status as conventional medicine in Switzerland when it comes to medical insurance. Other alternatives, including herbal medicine, acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine, have also been recognised.

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