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Latest Stories

NEWS Sugary sodas stop you getting a good night’s sleep

November 21st 2016

Sugary sodas and energy drinks can rob you of sleep. Drinking too many cans of the drinks every day can cut the amount of time you sleep to just five hours or less.

NEWS No sex before sport? It’s another urban myth

November 21st 2016

More than 450,000 condoms were distributed in the athletes’ village during the recent Rio Olympics—suggesting that abstinence before playing sport is yet another urban myth. In fact, sex before a marathon helps the runners, new research suggests.

NEWS Drinking a pint of beer every day keeps up levels of ‘good’ cholesterol

November 16th 2016

Drinking up to a pint of beer a day helps slow the decline of levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein)—the ‘good’ cholesterol—as we get older, a new study claims. It’s a Goldilocks amount: abstain or drink more than a pint a day and the fall in levels becomes twice as rapid as for the moderate drinker.

NEWS Alzheimer’s now the biggest killer of women

November 16th 2016

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have replaced heart problems as the major killer in the UK—at least for women. A similar pattern has been seen in the US, too, where the rate of coronary heart disease has fallen by 20 per cent since the 1980s.

NEWS After a hip op, not much hip-hop

November 16th 2016

A hip replacement should open up the chance of a more active life—but researchers have discovered that, surprisingly perhaps, this doesn’t always happen.

NEWS Breastfeeding protects the mother, too

November 14th 2016 /

Breastfeeding doesn’t just give the best start to the new-born baby—it can also protect the mother against diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack.

NEWS Don’t lose sleep over your smartphone

November 14th 2016

Using your smartphone too much can make you lose sleep, and also affect the quality of the sleep you do get.

NEWS Diluted manuka honey kills most household bugs

November 14th 2016

Spreading some diluted Manuka honey on surfaces around the home is one of the very best ways of killing harmful bacteria such as E.coli.

NEWS Just a little activity can prevent heart disease

November 9th 2016 /

It doesn’t take a lot. Just a little physical activity—even if it’s 20 per cent below the average for healthy people—is enough to prevent heart disease.

NEWS One in six breast cancers don’t have lumps

November 9th 2016

One in six women who have breast cancer don’t have the typical tell-tale symptom of a lump. Instead, around 17 per cent of breast cancers have other warning signs, such as pain, skin abnormalities, or an infected or inflamed breast.

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