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About Us

What Doctors Don’t Tell You is a magazine, published 10 times a year, that includes the latest healthcare news, alongside information on complementary therapies and alternative medicines, with a host of features and stories written by leading experts and our highly-respected regular contributors.

WDDTY began as a newsletter, with the first issue published at the end of 1989 by best-selling author Lynne McTaggart and her husband, former Financial Times journalist Bryan Hubbard. Since then, it has gone from strength-to-strength, thanks to our ever-growing number of passionate fans, and is now the largest magazine of its kind in the UK, sold in 14 countries worldwide.

We aim to bring our readers world-leading research and ground-breaking news.

Our hallmark has always been in-depth research, and hard-won information of a quality that can change lives for the better. It’s been cited in law courts, it’s been used to encourage doctors to change their treatments, and our filing cabinets are full of testimonials from thousands of people whose lives have been helped by our information.

We have now also published a collection of over 20 eBooks which are available free as part of our qualifying website memberships or to purchase from our online shop. We run regular workshops and conferences, and – best of all – everything we’ve ever written is available on this website for you to search.

WDDTY is available by subscription.

Just a small sample of praise for WDDTY from our readers:

“What Doctors contains just the sort of medical information I was looking for, and which is very difficult to obtain elsewhere” – P.E., Surrey

“As a medical doctor, I am really pleased with What Doctors…, my sincere good wishes for the special work that you are doing” – Dr. M.S., Beirut

“I had a reasonable knowledge of the possible pitfalls of drug therapy, but your wide ranging well- written and easy-to-understand information has heightened my awareness of this most important subject and you are performing a much-needed and vital service to us all” – M.G., Bedfordshire

“Instead of suffering from asthma, unwillingly forced into the last ditch resort of taking steroids in order to have any sort of liveable life, I am virtually free of it and, to boot, have lost a surplus two stone. This is all attributable to your informative publications” – MBC, P-B., Cornwall

“Recently my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cannot tell you how encouraging you were to the whole family… She is faring well and confident she is making the right deci- sions thanks to your timely advice” – J.B., Jersey

“It’s brilliant” – D.R. Norfolk

Online membership
As the distribution of news and information has evolved since we first began, so have we. All of the articles we publish and the magazine itself are now available to search on our website for members to access.

We're pleased to share that all of our subscriptions now include access to our digital online offering. 

You can choose whether to have our printed magazine added to your subscription, along with if you wish to pay monthly or annually. 

Benefits to paid membership include:
Access to thousands of features, columns and research articles
• 21 special reports
• A full collection of over 20 WDDTY eBooks on a range of health topics
• Full access to our ever-growing complete back catalogue of WDDTY issues
• Digital online access to the latest issue of WDDY magazine each month
• Access to all current and future audio seminars
• Access to our WDDTY Talks monthly event
• A full print subscription to WDDTY magazine with the print and digital option
• Always be informed and stay one step ahead with the latest information and an expansive database of invaluable content
• Exclusive discounts, offers and competitions
To find out more about WDDTY website membership, please click here.

For information on contacting WDDTY, please visit our contact us page

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Publishing Registered Office Address: Hill Place House, 55a High Street Wimbledon, London SW19 5BA
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