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Dr Leigh Erin Connealy

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, is the medical director of the Cancer Center for Healing and the Center for New Medicine in Irvine, California. Dr Connealy’s multidisciplinary treatment protocols, team of healthcare professionals and holistic approach to health and healing have made the Centers the largest integrative/functional medicine clinic in North America, visited by more than 70,000 patients worldwide.

Dr Jenny Goodman

Dr Jenny Goodman has specialized in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for the last 20 years. An experienced speaker and author of Staying Alive in Toxic Times: A Seasonal Guide to Lifelong Health (YellowKite, 2020), she has a particular interest in pre-conception care and work with children.

Debra Atkinson

Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS, is CEO of Flipping50 and creator of the Flipping50 Menopause specialist course for trainers and health coaches. She is medical exercise specialist with nearly four decades of experience. Her career has included teaching kinesiology at Iowa State University, giving international presentations to major fitness associations, and serving as the subject matter expert for the American Council on Exercise.

Dr Yvonne Karney

Dr Yvonne Karney, a functional medicine specialist and trained ob-gyn, focuses on healing chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and more.

Celeste McGovern

Celeste McGovern BSc earned her Bachelor of Science BSc degree in Biology from the University of Ottawa and completed an internship at the National Journalism Center in Washington D.C. Celeste has been reporting on a wide range of science, medicine and culture issues for more than two decades.

Cate Montana

Cate Montana has a master's degree in Humanistic Psychology, and is an author of four books as well as a professional journalist specializing in alternative medicine and health. 


Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS MRCP PhD

Dr Nyjon Eccles is one of the leading Integrated Medicine Physicians in the UK and has a reputation for his practice of evidence-based Integrated Medicine. Over the years he has developed specific and natural solutions for restoration of health. These therapies are offered at his clinic The Natural Doctor in Central London.

Sarah Myhill

Sarah Myhill has worked in the UK National Health Service and private practice since 1981. Honorary Secretary for the British Society of Ecological Medicine for 17 years, she is a frequent lecturer and author of Sustainable Medicine and Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis.

Dr Damien Downing

Dr Damien Downing, a specialist in allergy, environment and nutrition, is current president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, on the editorial board of Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Chief Medical Advisor of cancer charity Yes to Life, and author of numerous books including The Vitamin Cure for Allergies.

Janet Balaskas

Janet Balaskas, who named and inspired the Active Birth Movement in the 1970s, helped revolutionize maternity practices worldwide. Janet is the founder and director of the Active Birth Centre in North London and author of nine books including Active Birth, Preparing for Birth with Yoga and Easy Exercises for Pregnancy.

Dr Jonathan Wright

Dr Jonathan Wright, medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington, pioneered nutritional medicine in the US. A board member of the American Preventive Medical Association and the International College of Advanced Longevity Medicine, he has published 11 books.

Sally Bunday

Sally Bunday is founder of the The Hyperactive Children’s Support Group, the first organization to draw attention to the role of diet and nutrition, particularly food additives and essential fatty acid deficiencies, in childhood behavior problems. The charity has helped thousands of families in its more than 30-year history.

Craig Sams

Craig Sams is the co-founder of Whole Earth Food and founder and president of Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate, as well as director of Soil Association Certification, executive chairman of Carbon Gold Ltd., a carbon sequestration business, and a trustee of the Slow Food Trust UK. He has authored four books, including The Little Food Book.

Dr Michel Odent

Dr Michel Odent, a French-trained surgeon and obstetrician, is a pioneer of the natural birth movement, emphasizing home and water birth. Founder of the Primal Health Research Centre in the UK, he has written some 50 scientific papers and 11 books.

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