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NEWS Codeine is a killer for the under-18s, warns new drug alert

September 21st 2016

The everyday painkiller codeine—which is also found in cough syrups—could be fatal when it’s given to children, a major new drug alert has announced. People most at risk are children under the age of 18 years and anyone who suffers from sleep apnea, or shallow breathing.

NEWS Fitness monitors don’t help you lose weight

September 21st 2016 /

We’ve all seen the serious jogger wired up to a fit watch or an arm monitor—but don’t envy them, the devices aren’t very useful. In fact, those who wear them lose only half as much weight as those who don’t keep track, a new study has found.

NEWS Why SSRI antidepressants work only half the time

September 21st 2016 /

Antidepressants don’t work at all in up to half of the depressed people who take them—and now researchers think they know why, and it’s nothing to do with serotonin levels, which the drugs are supposed to raise.

NEWS Sugar industry paid researchers to say fats caused heart disease

September 19th 2016

For nearly 50 years, saturated fats were seen as the main culprits in causing heart disease, and a discovery of some old research papers has discovered why: the sugar industry had been paying scientists to say so.

NEWS Fish oils help improve children’s reading skills

September 19th 2016

Fish oil supplements help children read better in school. The supplements are especially effective for children with ADHD (attention-deficit, hyperactive disorder), new research has discovered.

NEWS Men who don’t have their prostate cancer treated are living just as long

September 19th 2016

Men who opt to just have their prostate cancer monitored are living as long as those who instead choose aggressive treatment—and they’re also enjoying a better quality of life, new research has discovered.

NEWS Drinking an extra glass of water every day can help you lose weight

September 14th 2016

If you want to lose weight, drinking a little more water every day could help shed the pounds. People who drink just one extra glass of water a day are eating fewer calories, saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol, a new study has found.

NEWS The six-monthly dental check-up is unnecessary, says England’s leading dentist

September 14th 2016

The routine dental check-up every six months isn’t necessary, says England’s leading dentist. People with healthy teeth and gums probably need to see the dentist only once every two years or so.

NEWS Mid-life exercise helps prevent dementia when you’re old

September 14th 2016

Taking up moderate exercise in your mid-life—around 49 years or so—could pay dividends later, and help you maintain good mental faculties, such as cognition and memory, when you reach old age.

NEWS Chronic fatigue sufferers getting the wrong treatment—thanks to a falsified study

September 12th 2016

Sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are not getting the proper treatment. The standard approach these days is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)—known as the ‘talking therapy’, which implies the problem is mainly in the sufferer’s head—but this is based on a landmark study whose results were falsified, it has been revealed this week.

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