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Latest Stories

NEWS Artificial sweeteners aren't slimming—they put on the pounds (and cause heart disease)

July 21st 2017

We pop an artificial sweetener—such as aspartame, sucralose or stevia—into our hot drink to help us keep the weight off. But they could be doing the exact opposite if we use them for a long time, and not only will we put on the pounds, sweeteners also raise the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

NEWS Food packaging chemicals linked to heart disease

July 19th 2017 /

Phthalates—chemicals found in food packaging and pharmaceutical drugs—have been linked to a range of chronic diseases, from heart problems, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

NEWS The 27 stressful events that can age your brain, and cause dementia

July 19th 2017

There are 27 stressful events that can age our brain by up to four years, and increase the risk of dementia, researchers have found.

NEWS Heart failure? It's all in the gut

July 18th 2017 /

Doctors monitor cholesterol levels to prevent cardiovascular disease—but they should switch their focus to the gut. A sudden loss of bacteria in the gut triggers heart failure, new research has found this week.

NEWS High-dose vitamin D can heal sunburn

July 14th 2017

We get vitamin D from the sun—and the same vitamin can help repair skin damage when we get sunburn. Taking supplements after sunbathing helps reduce redness, swelling and inflammation, researchers have discovered.

NEWS Standard drugs for asthma could make the symptoms worse in 10 per cent of sufferers

July 13th 2017 /

Corticosteroids are a standard drug for asthma sufferers—but they could be making the problem worse in some cases.

NEWS A cup of coffee a day adds three months to your life

July 12th 2017 /

Drinking a cup of coffee every day could help you live a little longer. The protective effects of the drink add three months to your life if you're a man, and one extra month if you're a woman.

NEWS Lab mice so different from humans that dangerous drugs are being approved

July 10th 2017 /

The two types of laboratory mice that have been used for more than a century in medical research are so different from humans that drugs that successfully combat health problems in the animals could be doing harm to us.

NEWS Chemotherapy helps breast cancer spread

July 7th 2017 /

Chemotherapy has been the routine treatment for cancer for more than 60 years—but researchers have discovered only this week that the toxic drug helps breast cancer spread, and makes it more lethal.

NEWS Chocolate every day keeps you mentally sharp in every way

July 7th 2017

It's been said that a balanced diet is having a piece of chocolate in both hands. It could also be a healthy diet, especially when it comes to helping us maintain brain health, a new study has found.

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