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Latest Stories

NEWS Saturated fats don’t cause heart disease—they protect us against it, new study finds

December 5th 2016

The health advice we’ve been given about avoiding saturated fats is just plain wrong: the fats—from meat, butter, cream and cheese—don’t raise the risk of heart disease and instead have a protective effect, a new study has concluded.

NEWS Antidepressants increase risk of still birth or birth defects

December 5th 2016

Around 5 per cent of women take an SSRI antidepressant when they’re pregnant—but the drug increases the risk of birth defects and still birth, a new study has discovered.

NEWS Vitamin E reduces risk of flu in older people, especially ex-smokers

December 5th 2016

The elderly could reduce their risk of pneumonia and flu this winter by supplementing with vitamin E. Taking 50 mg of the vitamin every day reduces the risk by as much as 72 per cent, especially if you’ve been a smoker, a new study has found.

NEWS Indigestion tablets nearly double the risk of stroke (so add that to heart attack, kidney disease and dementia)

November 30th 2016 /

Common heartburn medications you can buy at the pharmacy increase the chances of a stroke. The drugs, known as proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, have already been found to raise the risk of a heart attack, kidney disease and dementia.

NEWS Prostate cancer is far more common than we thought—because black men are excluded from studies

November 30th 2016

Prostate cancer could be far more prevalent than we’re told—and it’s because black men, who are three times more likely to develop the problem, are almost always excluded from research trials.

NEWS Autistic children can make eye contact—it’s just they don’t understand its significance

November 30th 2016

It’s not true that autistic children can’t make eye contact; they can, but they don’t always understand its significance, a new study has found. It’s because they don’t appreciate the role it plays in communication that they often don’t bother.

NEWS Yoga breathing is doing what antidepressants can’t for severe depression

November 28th 2016 /

Antidepressants aren’t working for more than half the people suffering from severe and chronic depression—but a yogic breathing technique seems to be doing what the drugs can’t, a new study has discovered.

NEWS Typical teenager is drinking a bathtub of sugary drinks a year

November 28th 2016 /

A typical teenager is drinking a bathtub of sugary drinks every year, a UK survey has discovered—and US teenagers could be drinking even more.

NEWS E-cigarettes are as big a health risk as the real thing

November 28th 2016

Electronic cigarettes aren’t quite the safe option everyone thinks. They cause the same amount of damage to our teeth and gums as conventional cigarettes, and the vapour from e-cigarettes kills up to 50 per cent of cells in the mouth that are our first line of defence, two new studies have found.

NEWS Too much meat raises heart failure risk—if you’re a woman

November 23rd 2016

Men and women really are different—especially when it comes to eating meat. Women who eat a lot of meat are more likely than men to suffer heart failure, and vegetable protein is a much healthier option for them, new research has discovered.

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