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Latest Stories

NEWS Common plant more powerful than standard drugs to stop asthma spasms

September 22nd 2017 /

A common plant that can bought in most garden centres could stop even the severest and most distressing asthma attack in its tracks, scientists believe. And it could be more powerful than the current range of asthma drugs.

NEWS High-fat diet could add 10 years to your life

September 21st 2017

Switching from carbs to more fats in your diet could add anything up to 10 years to your life, researchers estimate—although right now it's only be proven in tests on mice.

NEWS Antidepressants increase risk of premature death by 33%

September 20th 2017 /

Antidepressants don't just increase the risk of suicide—people taking the drugs are 33 per cent more likely to die from any cause, including heart attack, stroke and even organ failure.

NEWS Artificial sweeteners increasing diabetes risk in just 14 days

September 18th 2017 /

People pop an artificial sweetener in their drink to help prevent diabetes—but the products could instead be increasing the risk in just two weeks.

NEWS Probiotics could reverse colon cancer

September 15th 2017

Colon cancer could be reversed just with probiotics that change the gut's bacteria—and the disease can be prevented in the first place by eating whole grains, such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread, every day, two new research studies have found.

NEWS Food compound helps break the stress/insomnia circle

September 14th 2017

Stress and poor sleep can become a vicious circle, with one feeding the other—but it could be broken by eating foods that have a special stress-reducing compound.

NEWS Eating late can put on the pounds (if your body clock thinks it's time for bed)

September 13th 2017 /

If you're worried about putting on weight, eating last thing before bed is something you should be paying as much attention to as the food you're eating and the amount of exercise you're taking, new research suggests.

NEWS Dark chocolate, olive oil and coffee: the 3 essentials for a long and healthy life

September 11th 2017

Start adding dark chocolate, coffee and olive oil to your daily diet to have a long and healthy life, two new research studies claim.

NEWS HPV vaccine 'a second thalidomide scandal', says new YouTube documentary

September 9th 2017

The HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is unproven and could be the next thalidomide scandal, claim the producers of a new documentary that premieres on YouTube today (September 11).

NEWS Cut sitting time by just 20 minutes a day to reduce heart risk

September 7th 2017 /

We all sit around too much. But we don't have to spend hours and hours exercising to redress the balance: just sitting for 20 minutes less each day is enough to maintain muscle mass and improve our overall health.

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