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Latest Stories

NEWS Parents asked to report MMR side effects as part of new product info

October 19th 2016

Parents are being invited to contribute to the product information that will be issued with the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine, including any risks, side effects and adverse effects their children may have suffered.

NEWS An expresso a day protects against eyesight loss

October 19th 2016

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a major cause of blindness and sight loss as we get older, but older people who drink a shot of coffee every day reduce their risk by a third.

NEWS New hope for spinal injury victims—it’s all in the gut

October 19th 2016 /

There’s been a major discovery about spinal cord injury—often seen as a life sentence—that opens up the possibility of a full recovery.

NEWS Placebo works for back pain—even when you know you’re taking it

October 17th 2016

A placebo can be as effective as a drug for reducing lower back pain—even when the person knows he’s being given a dummy pill. Back pain patients who are told they’re taking a placebo still report a 30 per cent reduction in pain and disability.

NEWS Standard prostate cancer treatment doubles dementia risk

October 17th 2016

Prostate cancer treatment ADT (androgen deprivation therapy) doubles the chances of dementia, a new study has discovered. It’s the standard treatment for prostate cancers that have spread—and doctors perhaps need to start looking for a safer alternative, say researchers.

NEWS Tai chi helps relieve chronic neck pain

October 17th 2016

Tai chi, which combines deep breathing with slow and deliberate movements, is another option for people suffering from chronic neck pain. It’s just as effective as standard exercise, a new study has found.

NEWS Crohn’s disease could be triggered by food poisoning years earlier

October 12th 2016

Crohn’s disease or colitis—the life-destroying condition that is characterised by inflammation of the intestines—could be triggered by bacteria in the gut from a bout of food poisoning even years earlier.

NEWS Eight glasses of water a day? It’s an urban myth, and one that could prove fatal

October 12th 2016

It’s an urban myth that we need to drink eight glasses of water a day. In fact, say researchers, drinking too much could even be fatal.

NEWS Eating at local times is the best way to overcome jet-lag

October 12th 2016

Jet-lag is a problem for most long-haul travellers—but trying to sleep it off when you arrive is probably not the best tactic. Instead, start eating meals at the same time the locals do, new research suggests.

NEWS Immunotherapy a cancer game changer? Curb the enthusiasm

October 10th 2016

Immunotherapy, the new cancer treatment that harnesses the body’s own immune system, has once again been described as a ‘game-changer’ after a new study has found it helped people with head and neck cancers live longer. But while anything is better than chemotherapy, it’s not quite the magic bullet that drug companies are claiming.

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