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Healthy shopping: the best natural cleansing balms and more

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Joanna Evans rounds up what’s new and noteworthy in the world of natural health, beauty and well-being

In the clear

Theia Bio

Clearer, $38.32/£29.99 (30 capsules)

Do you suffer from eye floaters—those annoying black spots or squiggly lines that float around in your vision? This new product from Theia Bio claims to be the answer.

Based on a formula proven to improve floaters in a recent placebo-controlled trial,1 the supplement contains a mix of potent antioxidants and micronutrients that counteract oxidative stress and protein glycation (when proteins bind to sugar molecules), the main causes of eye floaters.

It’s also said to protect the eyes from blue light and UV damage as well as general aging. The ingredients include grape seed extract, lutein and vitamin C—all third-party tested for purity.

Create a stir


Cooking sauces, £20.99 (6 jars)

Targeting people with gut and digestive disorders, Bellygoodness sauces are claimed to be the only “free from” cooking sauce of their kind on the market. Developed by a mother-and-daughter team of nutritionists who run their own allergy and intolerance clinic, the gut-friendly sauces are made with only natural, plant-based ingredients and are free from gluten, dairy, yeast, tomato, nuts, sugar, garlic, onion, soya and seed oil.

Despite this, they’re full of flavor and have already won several food awards. Five varieties are available, including the genius Nomato Sauce, a must-try if you can’t eat tomatoes. All are suitable for vegans and those on a keto or low FODMAP diet.

For your pains


MyooviPeriod Pain Relief Device, $92.00/£69.99

US:; UK:

If you’ve ever used a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine for back or labor pain, you’re familiar with the strange tingling sensation of the electrical pulses that the battery-operated device creates to alleviate pain. Myoovi, designed for period pain relief, uses the same technology but is compact, wire-free and wearable under your clothes.

With three control buttons to adjust the intensity and pattern of the pulses, the disc-shaped device comes with two butterfly-shaped adhesive pads that you use to attach the device to your skin. Its USB-charged battery lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and the sticky pads should last for 20–30 uses. Myoovi is said to work for even severe period pain and endometriosis as well as for other types of pain, like IBS cramps.

Seeds for the change


Menoligna, $17.95/£10.99 (210 g)

US:; UK:

For a quick and easy way to add some extra nutrients to your daily diet, Linwoods’ range of cold-milled seed and nut products are ideal. Simply sprinkle over porridge, smoothies or salads.

This new addition to the range—a blend of sprouted milled flaxseed and milled chia seeds—has been specifically developed for menopausal women. It contains added lignans from flaxseed hulls, which are a natural source of phytoestrogens—compounds with estrogen-like properties that may help with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.2

Vegan and gluten-free, it also includes vitamin B6 for hormone balance, B12 for reducing fatigue, and calcium and vitamins D and K2 for healthy bones.

Do the twist


PlusEPA, $68.93/£49.95 (60 softgels)

New from omega-3 specialist Minami is this high-strength EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) formula supplying 500 mg of EPA in an innovative “twist-off” softgel—ideal for kids and those who don’t like swallowing capsules. Simply twist the tail off the fish-shaped softgel and pour the liquid into cold food or drinks.

According to the company, up to a quarter of schoolchildren and about one in three women over age 40 have low levels of EPA, so these groups especially may benefit from a daily dose of this omega-3 fatty acid. Like all Minami products, PlusEPA is sourced from small, sustainable species of fish using an advanced CO2 extraction process to ensure high purity.

On hold

Innersense Organic Beauty

I Create Definition, $28 / £26 (6 fl oz/ 177 mL)

US:; UK:

Trying to find hair styling products without nasty ingredients can be tricky, but Innersense Organic Beauty has you covered. New to the brand’s nontoxic hair care range is this natural styling foam that’s free from phthalates, parabens, petro-compounds, sulfates, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and more.

Instead, it contains aloe vera to moisturize and strengthen, amaranth seed extract to fortify and add fullness, and pequi oil to smooth frizz and add shine. It’s suitable for all hair types but especially good for styling and setting natural curls.

3 of the best cleansing balms

Steer clear of harsh facial cleansers and try one of these all-natural and vegan balms to gently take off the day instead. Massage into dry skin then wipe away with a warm, damp muslin cloth.


Manasi 7

Microbioskin Botanical Cleanser Caulis, $75/£60 (1.69 oz / 50 mL)

Made with organic, wild-harvested botanicals carefully selected to respect the skin’s microbiome and pH level, this cleanser gently yet effectively dissolves dirt, makeup and even sunscreen. Featuring calming camellia seed oil extract, cleansing soapbark wood extract and moisturizing sweet almond oil, the balm can also double up as a repairing face mask.


Upcircle Beauty

Cleansing Face Balm with Oat Oil + Vitamin E, $26.00/£20.99 (1.85 fl oz / 55 mL)

US:; UK:

This cruelty-free cleanser contains nourishing oils of sunflower, sesame, camellia, black currant and sea buckthorn along with finely ground apricot kernel powder, rich in antioxidant vitamin E. Ideal for sensitive skin, it gently removes dirt, grime and makeup (including mascara), leaving skin soothed and hydrated.



Grapefruit Cleansing Balm, $12.00/£9 (4.4 fl oz / 125 mL)

A hardworking blend of sweet almond oil, castor oil, grapefruit oil, cocoa butter and olive-derived squalane, this simple formula melts away makeup and more without stripping the skin. It’s a great value and suitable for oily, dry, combination and normal skin types. And it smells delicious, too.




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