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Moscow residents come together to defeat strict vaccine passport scheme

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Moscow residents have defeated a draconian vaccine-passport scheme in the city in just three weeks as vaccinated and non-vaccinated collaborated in a show of consumer force.

Any public establishment—such as a restaurant, bar or cinema—was boycotted if it was demanding visitors show a vaccine passport before being allowed entry.

And the vaccinated and unvaccinated came together in a show of unity to defeat the scheme, which had been introduced by the city’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin.  His vaccine-passport scheme blocked the unvaccinated from eating in a restaurant, go to a cinema or gym or even get their hair cut.

The restrictions were so severe—essentially making the unvaccinated second-class citizens—that everyone came together to defeat it.

Businesses were quickly feeling the pinch and were pleading with Mayor Sobyanin to abandon the scheme.  Marina Zemskova, the head of a hotel and restaurant chain, was quoted as saying the vaccine passport was worse for business than a full lockdown.  With a lockdown, businesses could at least receive some government support.

Within three weeks, Mayor Sobyanin had rescinded the passport scheme, claiming it was because Covid cases in the city had suddenly fallen.

(Source: The World We Live in blog;

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