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Danger! Low voltage: How to charge your cells for better health

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Making sure our cells are properly “charged” may be the key to eradicating diseases like cancer and ensuring optimal wellness, says Dr Leigh Erin Connealy

It’s been said that conventional medicine is but a chapter in a book, while integrative medicine is the entire novel. And nothing could be more accurate when it comes to voltage and frequency medicine. In fact, most conventional physicians leave that chapter out of the book entirely.

Human beings are electrical creatures by nature. Several processes in the body depend on electrical charges. The nervous system, for example, uses electrical currents to send messages throughout the body and brain, resulting in movement, thoughts and feelings. The heart relies on electrical currents that tell this vital organ when to pump at the proper time. Even our cell membranes generate electrical currents.

But what happens when the actual voltage of an individual cell drops? And what exactly does that mean?

Voltage is simply the measure of electrons in our cells. If you use the analogy of a car battery being drained, it’s easy to see how a depleted power source eventually leads to a car that won’t start. And the same goes for our bodies. If our cells are not adequately “charged” with the correct number of electrons, optimal health just isn’t possible.

Low voltage = poor health

Simply put, healthy, properly functioning cells have a high voltage, and unhealthy cells have a low voltage. A typical cell requires roughly -20 to -25 millivolts (mV) to work properly. If that voltage drops, the cell membrane thickens, hindering normal cellular function. Oxygen and nutrients can’t get in, and cellular waste can’t get out. This altered cellular function results in inflammation, triggering a landslide of other issues.

Almost all chronic illnesses—including cancer—have low voltage at the core because these diseases occur when our cells aren’t functioning at their peak. Cancer occurs when voltage falls to +30 mV, which is the same as a pH change from the normal 7.35 (slightly alkaline) to below 6.5 (acidic).1

Voltage loss can present in various symptoms, from poor immunity and infections like colds, flu and Lyme disease to headaches and migraines to more severe conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.

If we don’t work to replenish our cellular batteries, disease and illness can take root.

On the other hand, powering up our cells and regenerating new, healthy ones can have profound healing effects.

Voltage 101

A world-renowned authority on the role voltage plays in health is Dr Jerry Tennant, a scholar, physician, author and founder of the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine in Texas ( Dr Tennant wrote the book on the topic. Literally.

Healing Is Voltage (CreateSpace, 2010) and his other similarly named works highlight Dr Tennant’s frustrations with the limitations of conventional medicine during his own health battles and explain how he concluded that voltage was the answer for all aspects of well-being.

When I recently interviewed Dr Tennant,2 he explained how the body is like a portable electronic device. “Like all portable electronic devices, you need to have a battery system. The human body has several battery systems, the largest of which is our muscles. Our muscles are piezoelectric.

“What does that funny word mean? If you squeeze something and it emits electrons, that is called piezoelectric electricity. So, every time you move your muscles, they are generating electrons. Fortunately, our muscles are also rechargeable batteries, so they store that voltage.”

Dr Tennant goes on to reveal how our muscles are stacked on top of each other in a particular order, essentially forming a battery pack. “These battery packs are surrounded by a common sheath called fascia,” says Tennant.

“The muscles are the batteries, and the fascia is the body’s wiring system. Every organ in the body has its own battery pack that provides the -25 mV cells needed to run properly. When cells get injured, damaged or worn out, they have to have twice that voltage (-50 mV) to make new cells to repair things.

“It’s known in battery technology that if you drain a rechargeable battery to zero, it will flip its polarity. And if you put a rechargeable battery upside down in a battery charger, it won’t take a charge. And this is exactly what happens in all chronic diseases. You have flipped the polarity upside down in that organ’s power supply, so it no longer has the -25 mV to run correctly or the -50 mV to repair itself.”

Low voltage and disease

At my clinics in California, we have an entire department dedicated to frequency medicine. It’s headed by Danielle Palmer, who trained with Dr Tennant at his clinic in Texas and studied under some of the other pioneers of frequency medicine, Dr Alexander Revenko and Dr Carolyn McMakin.

As Danielle explains, when cells are not adequately charged, over time disease can take hold.

“In the body, when an organ or structure loses power, the oxygen level drops. The decrease in oxygen triggers fungus, mold and parasites to ‘turn on’ and essentially start to turn us into dirt [the same way that all organic matter decays].”

“The problem is that the rest of the body is still alive. According to Dr Tennant’s research, cancer is never present on a fully charged and functional circuit. Fungus, mold, parasites, inflammation, disease and even cancer are all byproducts of a lack of voltage.”

How to charge your cells

So, if the root of all disease is low voltage, where do we get that “charge” that replenishes our cellular batteries? The answer is simple: from electrons.

These negatively charged particles are part of the trillions of miniscule atoms that make up our cells, and they can be generated in several ways.


As Dr Tennant notes, one of the best ways to naturally boost your voltage is through movement and exercise. If you think of our intricate muscle systems like giant battery charging stations, it’s easy to see how more movement equals more electron generation and subsequent increased voltage.


The earth is an excellent electron donor. Putting your bare feet in the grass or sand is great for “recharging.” Walking barefoot outside regularly and standing or sleeping on a grounding mat (see Resources, below) are easy ways to generate electrons and help boost your voltage.

Food and beverages

Even the foods and drinks we consume can positively or negatively affect voltage. Most people—regardless of health status—benefit from a modified ketogenic diet.

Eat real foods and focus on getting plenty of lean organic protein, leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, low-glycemic fruits and healthy fats. Eliminate simple sugars and decrease your carbohydrate intake, opting for small portions of complex carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa and oats. The healthier you eat, the better your chance of keeping positively “charged.”

Metals and minerals

Another vital facet of voltage medicine is ensuring the body is not hindered by a buildup of toxic heavy metals or a lack of essential minerals. These elements can disrupt the body’s “charge” if an imbalance exists.

The easiest way to test this is with the Oligoscan. One of the latest and most advanced diagnostic tools we use at the Cancer Center for Healing and the Center for New Medicine, this innovative medical device quickly—and painlessly—detects heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies using spectroscopy-certified technology.

Ridding the body of harmful metals and restoring proper mineral balance is another step in the right direction for boosting voltage. (See Metalhead: Could toxic heavy metals be making you ill? for more information on getting rid of heavy metals.)

Voltage-boosting therapies

Electron stealers—things in our environment that rob us of electrons and decrease our voltage (see below)—are everywhere, and we must make choices daily that keep our batteries charged.

Exercise, grounding and fueling our bodies with proper nutrition are a great start, but to really “flip the switch” and determine which areas of the body need charging up, there are several innovative and powerful detection and treatment modalities. Here are some we use regularly at my clinics.

The MEAD 100 system

Within minutes, the MEAD (Meridian Energy Analysis Device) can measure the body’s voltage and detect which “circuits” need to be repolarized or repaired. Again, normal cells have a voltage of around -25 mV, but for healing to occur, that voltage needs to be amped up to -50 mV. That’s where targeted therapies come in.

Tennant Biomodulator Pro

Created after more than 20 years of research by Dr Tennant, this microcurrent biofeedback device works alongside the MEAD system to send healing frequencies into the body, stimulating cellular repair and healing. Dr Chase Faldmo, DC, of the Tennant Institute likens the Biomodulator to a jumper cable for those rechargeable battery packs in our bodies.

However, the Biomodulator is even more effective because while the healing frequencies are being delivered to the body, it measures how well they work and can tweak and tailor those frequencies to each individual to promote optimal healing. Using the Tennant BioTransducer, another cutting-edge PEMF device, prior to other modalities makes them even more effective.


This treatment replicates the energy sources found in nature—pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF), light, frequencies/harmonics and high voltage. Exposure to these energies in short, measured sessions boosts voltage, helps cells function properly and promotes healing and repair at the cellular level.


Developed by Dr Alexander Revenko and two other Russian scientists in the late ’70s, the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) device has revolutionized frequency medicine. While it is an electron donor, what makes it especially effective is its signaling power.

“SCENAR speaks the exact same language as the nervous system,” says Danielle Palmer. “Every millisecond, it sends out an impulse, reads what the body sends back and then adjusts itself intelligently to guide the body back to ‘normal.’

“SCENAR creates a cascade of neurochemical mediation throughout the C-fibers of the nervous system, which is the foundation of every system in the body. Where the Biomodulator repolarizes and recharges the body, SCENAR works by reprogramming the ‘software’ of our bodies.”

In other words, the device has a kind of conversation with your central nervous system using electric signals. It listens to the nervous system’s signals, then tells it to create proteins and other substances that stimulate the natural healing process.


A specialized PEMF device, the BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulator) delivers a patented signal that reactivates motion in the smallest and most numerous blood vessels, increasing blood flow and improving immune system functioning. We use the BEMER in conjunction with other therapies because it builds the foundation for healing and oxygen uptake in the tissues.

Making sure our cells are properly “charged” may be the key to eradicating disease and ensuring optimal wellness. Taking steps daily to recharge our batteries and employing therapies known to boost health at the cellular level have the potential to change how we approach health, longevity and vitality.

Common electron stealers

Just as there are multiple ways to “charge” our bodies, the environment we live in, the stressors and procedures we endure over time and the items we consume can all rob us of electrons and decrease voltage.

We live in a world full of “electron stealers,” and Dr Tennant’s research has uncovered the five significant reasons that polarity flips and cells lose voltage.

  1. Thyroid hormone (T3). T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body and the total number of mitochondria, which is the common pathway for voltage.
  2. Scars and tattoos. Scars from surgeries or injuries literally slice across the “circuits” or wiring systems (aka the fascia) in our bodies, cutting off the power supply. Even if the battery packs are all charged up, the electrons can’t go anywhere because of faulty wiring. Tattoos can also be problematic.
  3. Dental implants. The body’s circuits are formed early (in the embryonic state), and some run through specific teeth. If there is damage or decay in the bone around a tooth, it’s like corrosion in a string of lights that shorts out the circuit.
  4. Emotions. Emotions are stored in the body in a field that can block electrons. Negative feelings, trauma and the like can lower a circuit’s voltage. This is yet another way our emotions can make us sick.
  5. Toxins. Pesticides, electromagnetic energy fields (EMFs), radiation, etc. can lower voltage as well.


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