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Time to reject ‘divide and conquer’

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Project Fear is the phrase often used to describe the calculated effort, started in early 2020 and led strategically by behavioral psychologists, to convert a heterogenous, free-thinking public into a homogenous, submissive flock that will do as it’s told. If this means witnessing and accepting the collapse of the economic structures that you have relied on for your family’s survival or the sabotage of your child’s education, so be it.  

A prerequisite for exploiting our biological response to fear is to systematically remove pre-existing fundamental rights such as freedom of movement, freedom of speech, the right to respect for private and family life, and the right to peaceful protest. When you look back on our recent history and consider how many decades of thousands of people’s lives were devoted to winning these rights, it comes as quite a shock to see so many prepared to cast them aside in a few short months. 

Under the spell of Project Fear, it happens all too easily. You just accept it, because you can’t bear to see more people die, and you don’t want it to be your fault. Even when you don’t know when the end will come, when we’ll be released to explore the so-called “new normal” that we’ve been promised, many of us decide the best thing we can do is just obey. 

What’s the alternative? If you dissent, you get censored. You become something of a pariah. Regardless of your political leanings, you get labeled “far right.” 

If you complain of school closures or criticize the lack of a solid scientific basis for lockdowns, chances are you’ll be considered an “anti-masker” or an “anti-vaxxer,” even if you never mention masks or vaccines unfavorably. And if you do dare question the safety or validity of mass vaccination, you are disowned—sometimes by your own tribe and closest friends.

This incredibly sharp division that’s emerging between those who acquiesce to the new behaviors that are being asked of us, and those who dissent from them, is creating extraordinary polarization in society. 

It’s a classic “divide and conquer” strategy that would make Julius Caesar proud.    

If you think we need to just wait for the pandemic to end so we can then pick up our lives, you need to go find a reality pill. We’re at the beginning of something not nearing its end. 

It’s called the Great Reset—as set out by the World Economic Forum, the Switzerland-based nonprofit that has been hosting, most notably in Davos, a platform that allows the most influential government and business leaders to shape the future of our species.

As Professor Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum explains, “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world.”

But who’s doing the reflection and re-imagining? Not the dissenters of course, as they have been silenced or marginalized through the careful use of labels like “conspiracy theorists.” And not for the first time; we should learn from history. 

There are many occasions in our past when dissenters challenged the dominant narrative of the time. The Suffragettes of the 1880s and the anti-nuclear movement of the 1980s are two examples. Another was the fight for freedom led by Mohandas Gandhi in India in the mid-twentieth century. 

Gandhi made clear he would rather go to jail than obey laws that contravened human rights. Civil disobedience and peaceful protest became something to aspire to, inspiring millions in the process and freeing half a billion people from colonial rule.

With democracies in partial suspension and dissenting voices marginalized—something even Gandhi didn’t have to contend with—the potential for tyranny to become part of the “new normal” is greater than ever.

The vast majority don’t know that one of the founding principles of medical ethics, informed consent, which is embedded into law in nearly every jurisdiction around the world, is being broken millions of times over while the mass vaccination program is rolled out globally. 

You might offer up your consent nonverbally by voluntarily rolling up your sleeve, but have you been coerced? And have you really been told what the risks and benefits of the vaccine might be? Or that there are valid, alternate options such as ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc—as demonstrated by Drs Paul Marik and Pierre Kory from the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (   

Let’s not marginalize people for their differing views. Let’s open the door to open communication, discourse and the lifting of censorship. Then see what emerges when these diverse views, along with all of the available science, has been weighed up fairly. Consensus can only be achieved with communication and discourse—this also being the foundation of successful democratic systems. 

If those who control the prevailing narrative get to successfully deploy Caesar’s divide and conquer strategy against us, we will never emerge as winners. 

If society is to be reset after all this, let’s make sure we get to have our say in how it’s done, and not have our future dictated by the select few who have been sampling the rarefied air of Davos each January.

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