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The Ministry of Truth

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Several of you may be wondering why, with all the collective jubilation in the press about the swift rollout of the Covid vaccination program, WDDTY continues to focus so much on bad news.

We do so quite simply because you don’t have access to the full story anywhere else.

Up until now, we haven’t seen much from the major US or UK news media questioning the deeper issues behind either government’s decisions about Covid-19, most especially the vaccine itself.

The only complaints about such things as mandatory vaccine passports in the US—mainly from Republicans such as New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu’s passage of a bill protecting New Hampshire residents from statewide Covid vaccine passports—have been met with hysteria by the liberal press.  

And I want to remind you that this is coming from us—two fully paid-up members of the liberal press.

A column in the Washington Post, arguing in favor of vaccine passports, is typical: “We’re a nation with vast piles of coronavirus vaccine doses that involve negligible heath risk to take, and that go unused for trivial, foolish reasons. Those people who currently refuse the vaccine (without health reasons), and those who encourage others to refuse the vaccine, are causing needless death (whatever their intention)” (italics ours).

The problem is the automatic assumptions at the very heart of every one of those statements and the narrative that is being adopted, without question, by most of the press. They include:  

  • Covid vaccines are highly effective. 
  • Covid vaccines are very safe.  
  • Covid vaccines prevent spread of Covid. 

Covid vaccines are highly effective 

This brand-new, experimental gene-based technology (less a vaccine and more genetic manipulation) did not receive full regulatory approval before it was rolled out wholesale; we’re all essentially part of phase 3 trials and one giant experiment. The safety data we have is limited to short-term effects. 

After cases began rising despite extremely high coverage of the Pfizer vaccine among its population, Israel recently commissioned the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to start tracking cases of Covid. 

“We looked at tens of thousands of people tested in June, alongside data on the time since their second shot, and found that those vaccinated early were more likely to test positive,” noted Dr Yotam Shenhar, the lead researcher.

Theirs and other data show that protection falls precipitously to just 16 percent  after six months. Hence why booster jabs are being readied right now.

Covid vaccines are very safe

The UK Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has published reports showing that up to June 23, 2021, there were 1,007,353 adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine, including seizures, paralysis, blindness, strokes, blood clots and acute cardiac events. The report includes 1,403 fatalities.  

There are only 66 million people in the UK, about 38 million of whom have been given both shots. This means that about one in every 38 people getting the jab are also getting some sort of side-effect.

Those figures don’t come from some crazed conspiracy theorist. They come from the main government agency regulating medicines in Britain.

In the US, the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System reports similar side-effects and 11,405 deaths thus far—more side-effects from the Covid vaccine than those of all the other vaccines combined.

As far as young adults, now being targeted with both carrots (money and free food) and sticks (denied entry into nightclubs and even universities), there is increased evidence of dangerous, even life-threatening effects such as blood clots and myocarditis (carrying a life-long risk of heart failure), the latter at 30–200 times the normal risk. Israel reports an incidence of myocarditis of one in 3,000–6,000.

Covid vaccines prevent spread of the virus 

There is NO evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines prevent infections with or transmission of the virus. That question was never even addressed in the clinical trials. 

What the vaccines may do is lessen the chances of someone having serious reactions or dying from Covid. Nevertheless, Yale University research concludes that 65 percent of Covid cases would not have happened if obese individuals had lost weight. 

We are not against the vaccine for certain people with health conditions who are at high risk of Covid. One young employee in our company born with a heart condition who has serious reactions to ordinary flu got the vaccine, and we feel she made the right decision. 

But the truth about Covid, like decisions about vaccination, is messy, highly nuanced, and reliant on impartial data and a careful assessment of risk/benefits, not simply prejudice or governmental pronouncement.  

At the moment, those daring to challenge these pronouncements, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr, are being derided by such august publications as The New York Times as being part of the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ and deplatformed on social media. 

The problem all comes down to journalism that automatically accepts as truth either assumptions or government PR, rather than starting with a clean slate and taking as read that every last fact spouted by those in charge has to be laboriously checked out.  

Because as soon as journalists fail to examine the evidence behind political or medical decisions, that’s when they become a mouthpiece of government, not unlike George Orwell’s highly prescient Ministry of Truth in his brilliantly prophetic novel 1984.

That’s why it’s our duty, as we see it, to pull back the veil.

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