The supplement that’s as good as exercise to help you live longer

Glucosamine supplements aren’t just good for arthritis—they can help you live longer and are as good for you as regular exercise.

Taking one supplement a day for a year reduces your risk of dying from heart disease by 65 percent and premature death from any illness by 39 percent.

They’re in the scale of health benefits you’d expect to see from someone who regularly exercises in the gym, say researchers from West Virginia University who examined the health records of 16,686 people who were older than 40 years.

But don’t give up exercise for a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. “That’s not what we suggest, said Dana King, one of the researchers. “Keep exercising, but the thought that taking a pill would also be beneficial is intriguing.” Nonetheless, the impact of taking the supplement is “pretty significant”, he added.

King, who already takes the supplements, was inspired to carry out the study after discovering that many of his fellow cyclists in his local cycling club were also taking glucosamine.

(Source: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2020; 33: 842)