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Saturated fats don’t clog arteries or cause heart disease (just in case you missed that)

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For those who’ve been living in a cave (or have never read WDDTY), scientists have this week confirmed that saturated fats don’t cause heart disease or diabetes. The real villain all along has been the processed trans fats, including those found in cakes, biscuits-and margarine, the product promoted as being healthier for our heart.

Saturated fats-found in butter, milk, meat, salmon and eggs-don’t cause heart disease or strokes, and they don’t clog up our arteries, researchers from McMaster University in Canada have confirmed, after studying the results of 12 studies involving more than 339,000 participants.

The belief that saturated fats cause heart disease sparked the multi-billion dollar low-fat food industry, which also catapulted margarine into being one of the world’s best-selling products.

But all the time people were spreading the margarine and thinking they were doing their arteries a favour, they were, in fact, doing the very reverse. The trans fats in margarine, cakes and biscuits can lead to heart disease and heart deaths.

And, of the trans fats, the industrialised variety, made from hydrogenation and high heat, are more dangerous than the trans fats that occur naturally in some animal products.

(Source: BMJ, 2015351: h3978)

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