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Big Pharma’s dirty tricks department ‘neutralizes’ scientists who speak out

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Scientists and academics who speak out against drugs and chemical products are being ‘discredited’ or even ‘neutralized’ by special departments inside bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies.

Monsanto has revealed that it has an entire department with the sole purpose of ‘discrediting’ and ‘debunking’ scientists and researchers who speak out against GM (genetically-modified) foods and products.

The revelation follows a similar discovery made in 2009 when pharmaceutical giant Merck was defending the reputation of its new painkiller, Vioxx. The drug, mainly used as an anti-arthritis remedy, was eventually withdrawn from the market as the result of the world’s largest-ever class action suit after the drug had been linked to 60,000 deaths.

The company collected a list of doctors and researchers who had spoken out against the drug, and words such as ‘neutralise’ or ‘discredit’ were placed against each name.

Similar tactics have been uncovered at the bio-tech conglomerate, Monsanto, after the World Health Organization classified its Round-Up herbicide as a ‘probable carcinogen’.

The revelation was made by Monsanto employee Dr William Moar, who told a meeting that the company has “an entire department dedicated to debunking science which disagrees with ours.” He was speaking at a meeting with students who were interested in becoming interns at the company.

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