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Doctors are the source of Pharmageddon, the new epidemic of drug abuse

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Negligent over-prescribing of drugs by doctors is the source of ‘Pharmageddon’, an epidemic of abuse that is sweeping the US and other countries. Without carrying out a proper medical, doctors are handing out the drugs to young addicts. As a result, many young people have died in what President Obama has described as the US’s fastest-growing drug problem.
Pharmageddon starts at the doctor’s surgery. Lynn Kissick’s two daughters died just three years apart after they became addicted to prescription drugs, she has told BBC reporters. “There’s a lot of doctors that just write out a prescription and say ‘here you go’. And it doesn’t matter if my daughter dies from it. Or your child. They don’t care. They don’t know them,” she said from her home in Morehead, east Kentucky.
The problem appears to be prevalent in the US’s rural areas, although it is affecting every part of the States, and may well be happening in other countries too.
Dan Smoot, who helps run Unite, an initiative that is attempting to deal with pharmaceutical addiction, estimates that up to 80 per cent of the inmates of the local detention centre are there because of their addiction.
(Source: BBC website).

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