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Covid vaccines more dangerous than the virus

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A Covid-19 vaccine is supposed to keep you out of hospital—but it could be more dangerous than the virus itself.

You’re more likely to end up in hospital from a serious adverse reaction to one of the main Covid vaccines—Pfizer’s or Moderna’s mRNA vaccines–than from the virus, a new analysis has discovered.

Reviewing safety data of the two vaccines, BMJ editor Peter Doshi discovered that the vaccines were twice as likely as the virus to require hospital care.  The absolute risks from the vaccines was 12.5 serious adverse reactions per 10,000 shots (0.12 percent) while hospital cases from the virus were around 6.4 per 10,000 cases (0.06 percent).

The rate of serious adverse reactions wasn’t picked up by America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during pre-launch safety trials of the mRNA vaccines, and this could have been due to very poor follow-up when the extent of the vaccines’ side effects might have been discovered.  Even so, the FDA noted that twice as many people getting one of the vaccines was ‘affected’ compared to someone given a placebo.

Doshi says it is a matter of public safety to publish the real extent of the vaccines’ dangers.

At the time of writing, the study was in pre-publication phase and hadn’t been peer-reviewed.

(Source: Daily Sceptic, June 22, 2022)

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