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Don’t shoot the messenger

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The problem with being early messengers of information is that nobody believes them until it’s too late. And these days, they’re not just ignored or even debated. They’re demonized, defriended, deplatformed, debanked, professionally disciplined and even publicly derided by politicians and the media.

That has never been more evident than with Covid-19. Even the scores of doctors who dared to suggest an alternative to government policy were castigated as “anti-vaxxers,” hauled before regulatory bodies or even banned from practicing medicine. In the case of our own magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, we did what journalists are supposed to do: unlike the British government, we actually did follow the science.

From early 2020 to the present, we have compared government propaganda to the growing credible science showing evidence to the contrary. At the same time, we have avoided the conspiracy theories floating around the dark web and just stuck to the studies as they were unfolding (and often as they were quickly suppressed).

From the beginning, we questioned the wisdom of locking down an entire society. Recently, after analyzing 22 studies, researchers from Johns Hopkins University showed that lockdowns—with their devastating effect on education, businesses, the economy and personal lives—had, at best, a modest impact on Covid’s death rate. In total, they estimated full lockdowns reduced the Covid death rate by about 3.2 percent.

Compare that to the devastating effect on businesses and the economy. Think of the 140,000 British children who never came back to school. The excess death rates—even among the under- 30s—averaging around 25 percent, and not from Covid itself. The thousands in the UK who can’t get health care for other serious illnesses, including cancer, after being pushed to the bottom of the years-long waiting list as a result of the Covid years.

Lockdowns were “a global policy failure of gigantic proportions,” concluded the 200-page report. Simply carrying out social distancing—but keeping shops, offices and schools open—would have done the same job.

We wrote that Covid wasn’t a random killer. Only people with heart disease, breathing problems, kidney disease, obesity and cancer were likely to die from the virus, we concluded from the evidence—a statement confirmed by a University of East Anglia review of 52 studies that looked at more than 100,000 patients.

We reported that there already were safe, tried and tested treatments for Covid. Many doctors, notably David Brownstein of Michigan, Dr George Fareed and Dr Brian Tyson, and the intensive care unit specialists who created the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance subsequently documented that they have saved thousands of lives using simple and safe protocols that include a mix of a few tried and tested, well-tolerated drugs and supplements, like intravenous vitamin C.

We published serious misgivings about the safety of the Covid vaccines, which were rushed out in 10 months when it usually takes 10 years to go through all the required safety studies, and about the wisdom of experimenting on the entire world with novel mRNA technology that did not prevent its recipients from either getting or passing on Covid.

Sadly, we proved to be right again, as our special report The Covid-19 vaccine: The true fallout shows According to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Adverse Incident Reporting service, by the end of 2023, 1.6 million adverse effects had been reported in the UK, 75 percent of them serious (life-altering or life-threatening), plus 2,633 deaths.

And now we have full evidence of the fallout from the vaccine. In America, health champion Robert F. Kennedy Jr teamed up with bioengineer and chemist Dr Brian Hooker to examine all studies of all current vaccines comparing outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, including those of the Covid vaccines.

Hooker has published 75 scientific papers, most famously a re-analysis of a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study showing an increase in autism in certain children receiving the MMR vaccine—evidence the CDC apparently buried in its own study.

In just three years, Kennedy and Hooker discovered, the Covid vaccines caused 97 percent of all adverse side effects ever reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) since its inception in 1986. As of 2023, that damage stood at 951,000 adverse events for all Covid vaccines taken in the US. And virtually every study that Kennedy and Hooker examined showed that the Covid vaccine increased the risk of cardiac diseases like myocarditis (up to 29 times greater risk), Bell’s palsy, shingles and hearing loss, among other adverse events, including death.

In fact, according to one major study comparing the risks and benefits of several vaccines, you are five times more likely to have a reaction to the Pfizer shot than to be protected from a serious reaction to Covid-19 itself.

And those are only the official figures. Only 5–10 percent of vaccine side effects are ever reported to government reporting systems in the UK and US. Back in the early 1990s, when WDDTY was still a newsletter, the Observer praised us for sounding “the alarm bells before they cause the stuff of national panic.” Unfortunately, thanks to a media that prefers to parrot the official line rather than to carry out their role of protecting the public interest, this time our alarm bells got heard by only a select few: our readers.

May more people listen to, rather than try to shoot, the early messengers.

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1. Vaccine, 2022; 40(40): 5798–5805
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