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Cardiologist lodges legal testament for the vaccine-damaged to use in claims

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Leading cardiologist Aseem Malhotra has lodged a testimony about the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccines that others can use as evidence if they are seeking damages after being harmed by one of the vaccines.

In his testimony, which has been lodged in the Helsinki District Court, Dr Malhotra cites research that demonstrates that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus, and a vaccinated person is more likely to need hospital care, or suffer a life-changing event or disability.

His testimony is based on nine months of research that started when his father died from heart failure soon after having two Covid vaccinations, although he had no history of heart problems, and had waited more than 30 minutes for an ambulance after suffering a heart attack. After his death, a nurse phoned Malhotra to tell him that ambulances weren’t getting to patients in time because they were overwhelmed with cases of heart attack and cardiac arrest, and “there had been a deliberate cover-up involving the UK’s government and Department of Health to withhold this information from doctors and the public.”

Another leading cardiologist had refused to have the vaccine because early safety trials on Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine found that four in the vaccine group had suffered heart problems compared to just one in the placebo group.

Despite the attempts of a cover-up, reports from doctors and autopsy data have provided “plausible biological mechanism of harm”, he said.

In preparing his testimony, Dr Malhotra was warned that any deviation from the truth would constitute perjury, and because of his assurances, his testimony can be used in any court case where a vaccine-damaged person or family is seeking damages.

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Dr Malhotra’s testimony can be seen on YouTube:
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