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Anti-aging antioxidant tested in major new trial

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It`s been selected by the US`s National Institute of Aging alongside other remedies such as rapamycin and aspirin, which are also supposed to have anti-aging qualities.

The compounds will be tested for between three and five years for their significant potential to delay or decelerate the aging process and improve general health, said principal researcher Randy Strong, at the Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The NIA is part of the National Institute of Health, which invests more than $30bn a year in health research.
The results will be published in 2020 in major scientific journals such as Nature, Journals of Gerontology and Aging Cell.

MitoQ is supposed to optimise mitochondria often described as the powerhouse within cells by flooding them with antioxidants, and especially CoQ10. Greg Macpherson, managing director of MitoQ in New Zealand, said: Mitochondria are intricately linked to the aging process. If we can improve the way they function and slow free-radical leakage, we may slow down the aging process and keep all of our organs and body healthier and younger for longer.

MitoQ is a molecule developed more than 15 years ago by Dr Mike Murphy and Rob Smith at Otago University, New Zealand. There have been 200 published research papers on the compound, and two human trials are underway.

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