An early breakfast reduces your diabetes risk

Having breakfast before 8.30 in the morning reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes. Your blood sugar levels are likely to be lower and you’ll be less insulin resistance, which is an early-warning sign for the disease.

Starting to eat earlier in the day is the single most important factor in preventing diabetes, and is more beneficial than other strategies, such as restricted windows of time for eating.

Researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago analysed data from 10,575 people who had taken part in a survey that tracked their eating habits and health. They divided up the participants into three groups based on the number of hours they ate—including ‘windows’ of less than 10 hours, 10 to 13 hours and more than 13 hours a day—and then sub-divided those into the times they started eating.

Fasting blood sugar levels were similar in all the ‘eating window’ groups, but the real difference was seen in those who started eating earlier in the morning, and before 8.30am. “These findings suggest that timing is more strongly associated with metabolic measures than duration, and support early eating,” said lead researcher Marriam Ali.

(Source: Proceedings of the Endocrine Society annual meeting, March 18, 2021)