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Natural products for self-care

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Here’s a selection of products to help take your self-care to the next level with super nutrition, lower stress and better sleep, says Janey Lee Grace.

Stay sustainable with refillable skincare

Fiils, Hand and Body Lotion, £8 (400 mL)

Stay sustainable with refillable products such as this hand and body lotion from Fiils. The company makes refill pouches for their products and you can subscribe to buy regularly. The lotion is vegan and made with almost 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, including lemongrass, reputed to have antibacterial properties and especially nourishing for nails and skin. The coconut scent is soothing while the lotion is helping to hydrate and nourish the skin. 


Roll away the stress of the day

Absolute Aromas, Aroma-Roll Relaxation, $6.44/£5.35 (0.3 fl oz / 10 mL)

This essential oil formula is perfect for traveling or even for using just before a stressful meeting. Roll it across pulse points and immediately feel a sense of calm.

Formulated by aromatherapists to be uplifting and grounding, the portable roll-on includes clary sage, bergamot, tangerine and petitgrain essential oils, plus chamomile and lavender. The overall effect is a lovely citrusy aroma.

Absolute Aromas is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team from Hampshire, England, and offers a wide range of essential oils and blends. They’re extremely careful about sourcing quality ingredients, opting for oils only from controlled, sustainable sources that have a minimal negative impact on the environment.


And so to bed

ModiBodi, ModiCool T-Shirt Sleep Set, $69.00/£59.00, ModiCool Pillowcase, $18.00 /

Modibodi makes biodegradable period pants, and their mission is to provide products that work for everyone even though every woman’s flow is individual. They are known as the “global leaks apparel brand,” but now, in addition to their undies, they have designed some cool products to help those who sweat at night.

Their T-shirt sleep set and pillowcase are made from an innovative fabric that has been proven to help regulate your body temperature, absorb sweat and dry quickly.  


Get in the vitamin D via CBD

Dragonfly Biosciences, CBD Oral Drops with Vitamin D, £29.50 (500 mg)

Most of us love a multipurpose product, and when it combines vitamin D with CBD, what’s not to like? With this quality oil, you can get the recommended intake of vitamin D plus the wellbeing benefits of CBD oil, which can help with anxiety and stress.

The recommended serving of five drops a day delivers 12.5 micrograms of vitamin D to you in every serving, a level you can take all year. 

This food supplement can be bought over the counter, and the Dragonfly CBD portfolio now includes a limited-edition range of four new flavors: orange, mint, anise and cinnamon.


While we’re talking nootropics

London Nootropics, Adaptogenic Coffee Blends, $18.05/£15.00 (12 sachets)

Coffee lovers may love these excellent adaptogenic instant coffee blends from London Nootropics.

Made with medicinal mushroom extracts and other adaptogens, these blends are all designed for a specific purpose. I like Mojo, which gives a natural boost as it contains Cordyceps mushroom, known to increase aerobic capacity and oxygen flow around the body. It’s also said to boost ATP, our energy molecule. 

If you want more clarity and focus, try Flow, and when it’s time to reduce stress and anxiety, opt for Zen.

The good news is you don’t get the side-effects that you might from coffee—all the buzz without the jitters!


Prolong your life with papaya

Immun´Âge/FPP, Fermented Papaya Preparation, $64.00/£59.95 (30 × 3-g packets) /

How often have you heard that papaya is good for you? Certainly the health benefits of papaya have been linked to the longevity of many people from native Central American cultures.

FPP stands for Fermented Papaya Preparation, a food supplement made from non-GMO papaya and fermented for 10 months using a Japanese process.

It’s said to support immunity, fight off free radicals and stimulate cellular energy.


Have a fruity shot before you sleep

B.fresh, Sleep Shot, £2.80 (1 shot, 70 mL)

Could a shot help you sleep? If it’s the B.fresh Sleep Shot—yes!

B.fresh is a Shropshire-based company that offers an array of wonderful cold-pressed juice shots individually or in multi-packs. This innovative sleep shot combines amino acids and fruits to deliver nutrients that help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep, including sleep-inducing L-tryptophan, tart cherry, chamomile, kiwi and honey. 

B.fresh ticks the sustainable box, too, as their factory is powered by solar energy and all their ingredients are “wonky veg,” the ones that supermarkets turn away.


Go with the flo

Here We Flo, Eco-applicator Tampons, £5.95 (14-pack)

For anyone who cares about their impact on the environment, the waste from traditional sanitary products is horrifying.

Some period-care products are bleached, are made with pesticides and have chemical residues of chlorine bleach, fragrances and dyes. Many pads are up to 95 percent plastic, too, so they wash up on beaches. To top it all, they can be hormone disrupting and could lead to life-threatening conditions like toxic shock syndrome.  

Enter FLO sanitary products, which are free from plastics and all the chemicals and are instead made entirely from organic cotton and bamboo. Here We Flo’s bestseller is a tampon with an applicator made from recyclable sugarcane.

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