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Bakuchiol skincare products and other natural health top finds

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Bakuchiol skincare products

Derived from the leaves and seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, bakuchiol is a natural ingredient being hailed as an alternative to retinol—considered the gold standard in antiaging and antiacne skincare. 

Studies show it has a similar effect to retinol, improving lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and photo-damage, but without the side-effects, which include skin irritation and sun sensitivity.1 Bakuchiol has also been found to reduce acne along with the dark marks left behind after a pimple heals.2 

Here, we’ve selected some of our favorite bakuchiol-containing products—all 100 percent natural.

Typology Blemish Serum 

(1.01 fl oz/30 mL)


Containing hazelnut oil, natural fatty acids and
1 percent bakuchiol, this non-greasy and non-comedogenic serum works wonders on oily and acne-prone skin.


Studio Botanic

Face Oil, $76.46/£55 (1.01 fl oz/30 mL)

Bakuchiol combines with oils of meadowfoam, hemp, passionfruit, kahai seed and ho leaf to create this moisturizing and regenerating face oil.



Bakuchiol Booster, $9.99/£12
(1.69 fl oz/15 mL)

Made up of just two ingredients, 1 percent bakuchiol and hydrating olive-derived squalane, this light serum can be used alone or added to your existing skincare to give it an antiaging boost.


Nothing fishy

Bare Biology

Vim & Vigour Vegan Omega-3 & Astaxanthin, $48.17/£35 (60 capsules)



Supplement company Bare Biology, which makes one of the most potent fish oil products on the market, has just launched Vim & Vigour, a vegan omega-3 supplement that supplies 500 mg docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 250 mg eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 4 mg of the super-antioxidant astaxanthin per two-capsule dose. 

Made from sustainably sourced algae, the supplement contains no fish oils or animal-derived ingredients whatsoever, and the packaging is 100 percent plastic-free. Each batch is independently tested to ensure the capsules are pure, fresh and safe, and you can view the results for yourself on Bare Biology’s website. We think it’s a brilliant addition to the brand’s already impressive, high-quality omega-3 range. 


Skin soother

Skin Shop

Kalme TeQ Serum, £16.50 (about $23; 1.01 fl oz/30 mL)

If you suffer from rosacea or red, sensitive skin, this new 100 percent natural serum from Skin Shop’s Kalme range could be your skin savior. It contains two extracts from the Mexican blue agave plant (Agave tequilana) used to make tequila, both of which have prebiotic properties that help to replenish the skin’s microbiome. 

The first extract, a patented extract called PreBIULIN AGA, is said to be repellent to the skin bacteria Bacillus oleronius, which is linked to rosacea. It’s also highly moisturizing so ideal for dry, tight skin. The second extract is a generic extract from blue agave, which enhances the action of PreBIULIN AGA and also has anti-inflammatory activity.

The super-hydrator squalane (derived from olives), fatty acid-rich sunflower seed oil and antioxidant vitamin E make up the rest of the serum, which is non-comedogenic (specially formulated not to block pores), vegan and dermatologically tested.


Full bloom

Dr Bronner’s 

Cherry Blossom range, from £3.75
(about $5.50)

US:; UK:

Dr Bronner’s is one of our go-to brands for natural soap and body care essentials, so we’re thrilled the company has brought its Cherry Blossom range to the UK—it’s bestselling range in Asia. Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Pure-Castile Bar Soap and Organic Lip Balm are all available in the Cherry Blossom scent, which has a lovely sweet, floral aroma. 

The hero product is the liquid soap, which comes in three sizes and can be used as a face cleanser, shower gel or shampoo, or even to clean your clothes and do the dishes. Like all Dr Bronner’s products, the soap is all natural and made with organic and fair-trade ingredients. 


Mix it up

Your Super

Gut Feeling, $34.90/£24.90 (5.3 oz/150 g)



A new addition to US company Your Super’s ever-expanding range of superfood and plant protein mixes is Gut Feeling, a prebiotic powder designed to promote a healthy gut microbiome. Touted as “instant celery juice,” there’s 1 kg of celery in every can as well as Jerusalem artichoke, lemon, lemon balm, apple and ginger. Simply mix the powder formula with water, juice or add to a smoothie for a quick and easy gut-balancing drink. On its own, it tastes just like celery juice with a zesty kick. 

The mix will give you 4 g of fiber per serving and is free of gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, sweeteners, added sugar or anything artificial.




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