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Doctor who questioned the Covid strategy loses her license

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After more than 30 attempts, the medical goon squad finally got their man (or, in this case, feisty woman). Dr Sarah Myhill, the “people’s doctor,” has been banned from practicing medicine for nine months after she made statements during the Covid pandemic that “undermined public health.”

The UK’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service—the executioners to the General Medical Council’s policemen—passed judgment recently in Manchester. Although Sarah may appeal, the verdict is somewhat moot as she deregistered herself last November, and so a woman who doesn’t have a license to practice has, er, had her license to practice removed.

But people shouldn’t be going around “undermining public health”—so what on earth has Sarah been up to?

She uploaded a series of videos and articles between March and May 2020 that questioned the Covid narrative of government and health agencies. Her “false claims” questioned the effectiveness of mask-wearing, advocated taking high-dose vitamins to boost the immune system against a Covid infection, and recommended remedies such as ivermectin.

Let’s take a look at some of her “false claims”:

High-dose vitamins: Sarah advocated taking high-dose vitamins, especially C and D. The Tribunal pronounced that vitamins can cause “serious harm” and had “potentially fatal toxicity.” Not so, at least according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, which monitored 3.31 million cases of poisoning in 2021. Painkillers were the chief culprit, responsible for around 10 percent of poisonings that year, but not a single case due to high-dose vitamins was recorded.

Far from causing harm, vitamins seem to keep people healthy. One study that monitored more than 11,000 people found that those who weren’t taking vitamin C were dying prematurely.1 Another, taking data from the vast UK Biobank Survey, demonstrated that people deficient in vitamin D were dying earlier, but those with higher levels were living longer.2

Ivermectin: In the early stages of the Covid outbreak, frontline doctors had very little to offer the patient at death’s door. One group of doctors got together to form the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and develop a protocol based on their experiences of what was working in emergency rooms. The result was MATH+, which incorporated drugs and, yes, high-dose vitamins, to quickly bring down inflammation. They discovered that ivermectin—a drug that treats parasites in animals and scabies in people—is “a highly effective drug for the prophylaxis (prevention) and treatment of Covid” that works by blocking the SARS-CoV-2 virus and preventing inflammation.3

Mask-wearing: Sarah also questioned the benefits of mask-wearing. Quite right, too, says the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration, which this year has evaluated the various strategies to stop Covid contagion. Analyzing the results from 12 studies, the Cochrane researchers concluded that “wearing a mask may make little or no difference” in stopping the spread of the virus or catching it in the first place.4

In its concluding remarks, the Tribunal declared that Dr Myhill “does not practice evidence-based medicine.” From a quick skim of research studies, it would appear the reverse is true. But the hearing was never set up to be a dispassionate look at the evidence; instead, it was an exercise in propping up a discredited healthcare strategy that has left economies in ruins, placed enormous strain on hospitals, caused excess deaths due to people not getting treatment in time, and sparked a surge in deaths of our young men from an mRNA vaccine that hadn’t been thoroughly tested.

The real charge against Sarah—and against many other brave doctors who have stood up for what they know is right—is that she undermined the government’s fear-based narrative. The strategy was poorly conceived by men and women who were doubtless doing their best in uncertain times, and they wanted to ensure there were no dissenting voices.

The ploys they adopted to censor those who questioned their strategy are only now coming to light. The UK Army had a special division set up to spy on dissenters and have their social media posts and videos blocked or made invisible with the help of Facebook, Google, Twitter and the like. These social media companies all became willing conspirators with governments, as did the mainstream media, which also became the mouthpiece of government propaganda.

Sarah is just another necessary sacrifice on the altar of fear-based groupthink. All said and done, people like Sarah (and, we hope, WDDTY) make people ponder, and that would never do.




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