Pinch yourself

Keep pinching yourself—literally—to check that the rational, problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making part of your brain (the frontal lobe, the most recent evolution of the human brain) is functioning as nature intended.

You might find it helpful, as I have, as a way of reorienting yourself in a topsy-turvy world. 

Think of being in a car. You turn the ignition and see a bunch of lights flash on your dashboard telling you the onboard diagnostic system checking things like oil pressure, brakes, lights and airbags has successfully gone through its self-test mode. Then you’re ready to go. 

The more complex the machine, the more checking needs to be done. Pilots spend a lot longer than drivers checking various systems before they’re ready to taxi down the runway. 

The human brain is far more complex than an aircraft, yet the majority of us don’t often do a self-test before making important decisions. I’ve found the pinch to be a good prompt. 

I do it on my thigh, hard enough to feel it, not enough to hurt. That’s my signal to check that my brain is clear, ready to assimilate information and draw conclusions. 

This modern world, with mass media and social media feeds landing in the palm of our hands 24/7, serves to disengage this wonderful brain of ours because so much of the information appears to be pre-reasoned. If we don’t use our brains, we’re simply a sponge for the outputs of others. 

If this output is false or misleading, in some respects, we become passive players in someone else’s game. We fail to engage the part of our mind that evolved specifically for critical thinking, which ultimately is intended, biologically speaking, to aid our survival. 

To me, it feels like the majority of people on this planet have found themselves in this disengaged place. 

Those of us who try to assimilate and process what we can from as many diverse and reliable sources as possible often find ourselves drawing different conclusions that give us a different worldview compared with those who’ve bought the party line from the present gaggle of governing authorities, ‘leading’ institutions and dominant businesses. 

It’s surely OK to be at odds with them. In fact, it’s a good thing, because the party line is the one that has led us to this dire situation in which the natural environment has largely been destroyed, democracy in its true form has been shelved, and more people are enslaved than at any time in human history. 

When populations around the world were told lockdowns would protect healthcare systems from becoming overloaded by hospitalized Covid-19 patients, most people bought into it. They believed that when the risk of healthcare systems being overrun subsided (as is the case presently), lockdowns would never be implemented. 

When we were told there was no available drug or natural treatment that could protect human beings from infection or serious disease in the face of SARS-CoV-2, most bought the line, ignoring copious emerging evidence on vitamins, minerals, botanical products, ivermectin, steroids and anti-inflammatories. 

When governments said they wouldn’t mandate vaccine passports or vaccines themselves, not enough of us considered how the private sector would respond.

When the world’s population was told by Bill Gates and others that once the Covid-19 so-called vaccines were rolled out to most of the world’s population, everything would get back to normal, the vast majority believed it.    

When we were told mutations or variants of the coronavirus meant that we should accept that the effectiveness of the first crop of so-called vaccines would wane and we should now get boosters with modified properties, many want to just get in line, not contemplating what the future might hold.

It’s always easier to see these things in hindsight, but we have to avoid shutting down our minds just because something feels uncomfortable or we’ve been told it’s a conspiracy theory. 

Most importantly, we have to not cave in the face of pressure, especially if we care about future generations. We’re going to have to do some explaining for our decisions, because it is only when someone has engaged in critical thought that they will accept that the mainstream view could well be a deception.   

So what are we to do when we hear magnetic graphene oxide might be hidden in mRNA vaccines? Should we believe those who say it’s a conspiracy theory, and that graphene isn’t magnetic anyway? 

Or should we take stock of patents that show how graphene oxide can be used as a carrier in the lipid nanoparticle delivery system for mRNA vaccines, and specifically vaccines directed against Covid?1 Or that multiple research groups have developed ways of magnetizing graphene oxide—a big and expanding research topic for delivery of drugs and vaccines?2 

Just because the current batch of vaccines don’t contain graphene doesn’t mean it isn’t on the horizon—despite the well-documented risks it poses to human health and the environment.3 

Let’s keep our minds wide open and ready for business. And pinch ourselves regularly to make sure all systems are ready for future survival.






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