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Not so quiet on the Covid front

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The young suffered unjustified consequences for Covid vaccines and lockdowns

You may have seen the recent Oscar-nominated movie All Quiet on the Western Front, but did you know the director left out the main point of the book? Erich Remarque’s classic novel highlights the way society urged Germany’s youth to go to the front—to do their patriotic duty, bring glory to the fatherland, join the pantheon of heroes, etc., etc.—and then ignored them when they returned crippled and broken. Otto Dix’s seminal paintings, one depicting a dog peeing on a war veteran without legs, make the point.

It may be a bit of a stretch, but we’re seeing parallels to the way our society asked the young to help combat the Covid-19 virus—from taking an experimental mRNA vaccine to wrecking their education and mental well-being through enforced lockdowns—and subsequently paying little attention to the consequences.

Although the young were not at special risk from the virus, they were targeted to have the “safer” mRNA variety: it was their civic responsibility, it would help protect the more vulnerable and, anyway, you couldn’t travel anywhere without getting a coveted vaccine passport.

But now that the virus has become yet another type of flu we’ll have to contend with, our youth are left to pick up the pieces. Without exaggeration, most young people we know who have had the mRNA vaccine are suffering health issues; for some it’s a persistent cough and cold, for others it’s chronic fatigue or sudden skin eruptions, and, for a few, it’s heart issues such as arrythmia—but all are related to an immune system that has gone into overdrive.

The vaccine administrators don’t seem to be overly exercised by these adverse reactions afflicting our young. Even vaccine-related deaths are being ignored, as witnessed by a Lancet study that existed for all of two hours before it was pulled down. A research team led by cardiologist Peter McCullough from the Wellness Company and Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch discovered the vaccine was directly responsible for 74 percent of the deaths that happened after vaccination.1

The researchers reviewed 44 studies on 325 autopsies after Covid-19 vaccination and judged that 240 of the deaths—74 percent of the total—had been directly caused by the vaccine, or that the vaccine had “significantly contributed.”

But instead of sparking concern, or a desire to discover more, or even piquing mild curiosity, the paper was taken down as if the study had never happened. The Lancet editors explained that the study hadn’t been peer-reviewed and the researchers’ mathematical modeling was faulty—surprising for a Yale epidemiologist to get his maths so wrong, but these things can happen when you’re discovering stuff others don’t want revealed.

Policymakers also downgraded the well-being and education of our young, according to an international team including researchers from University College London (UCL), which looked at the impact of lockdowns on the young worldwide in a report it prepared for the Panex-Youth initiative.2

The Covid response was driven as much by politics and public health policy as by the science, and this agglomeration of competing and contradictory views never put the young at the top of the agenda. The impact of closing schools and depriving the young of a proper university education will be felt for decades to come.

“It will have continuing consequences for their future in terms of professional life trajectories, healthy lifestyles, mental wellbeing, educational opportunities, self-confidence and more besides,” the UCL report states.

The report’s main author, Professor Lauren Andres, added, “Children and young people’s voices and needs were not heard or accounted for . . . because of policy gaps and slow government action during the pandemic, disadvantaged children and young people are now facing serious consequences that could be with them for a long time.”3

The young were never at risk from Covid. In the first two years of the outbreak, 20 children and teenagers died from the virus in the UK; the overall death rate among the young was estimated to have been around 0.0007 percent.

So, we’re left with the “public duty” plea. They were given a vaccine that didn’t stop viral transmission and subjected to lockdowns that arguably had little impact on overall spread.

The legacy is appalling, and those who urged vaccines and lockdowns for the young are nowhere to be seen. Let’s ensure it’s never quiet on the Covid front for them, and for the sake of our young.

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1. Will Jones, “Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine—Study Is Removed within 24 Hours,” July 6, 2023, 2. “Panex-Youth Research,” 3. UCL, “Pandemic Policies Overlooked Long-Term Needs of Children,” June 26, 2023,
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