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The powerfoods that protect against Alzheimer’s

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The powerfoods that are most likely to reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s have been revealed—and the list contains a few surprises.

For drinks, cocoa, coffee, green tea and red wine all offer strong protection against cognitive decline, while the foods include mushrooms, apples, blueberries, oranges and pomegranates.

The protection is found in the chemistry that works when the metabolites in some of them meet up with the polyphenols in the others to produce a powerful effect.

Elderly people who came closest to the diet were also far less likely to suffer cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s, say researchers at the University of Barcelona, who carried out a 12-year study of 842 people aged over 65 who were living in the Bordeaux and Dijon regions of France.

While the foods and drinks had a protective effect, artificial sweeteners were linked to rapid cognitive decline, the researchers found.

The metabolites in cocoa, coffee, mushrooms and red wine and the polyphenols in apples, cocoa, green tea, blueberries and oranges created a bio-chemical protection against mental decline.  Other polyphenol-rich foods that could be added to the diet include other fruits, vegetables and plant-based foods.

(Source: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2021; 65: 2100606) 

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