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Singh threatens NHS regions with legal action if they don’t stop funding homeopathy

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Singh threatens NHS regions with legal action if they don’t stop funding homeopathy

Simon Singh-the freedom of speech champion who has tried for three years to get WDDTY banned in stores across the UK-is now threatening legal action against regional health authorities that offer homeopathy on the National Health Service (NHS).

He is asking up to 30 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) around the UK to review their funding of homeopathic services in their regions. Liverpool’s CCG has already promised to evaluate its lb30,000 annual spend on homeopathy.

The CCG for North Somerset and South Gloucestershire is high on his list as that spends around lb200,000 a year on the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital. The total NHS spend on homeopathy is around lb3m each year.

He is threatening the CCGs with legal action if they do not review, and stop, their spend on homeopathy, which he regards as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Mr Singh has approached the CCGs through his ‘charity’, the Good Thinking Society, which he initially created to help sell his books. Mr Singh’s latest book is about The Simpsons.

Mr Singh is a champion of freedom of speech in the sciences, and he helped soften the UK’s libel laws after he was sued by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) for stating in a Guardian article that it was guilty of deliberate dishonesty in promoting fake treatments.

Since then, Mr Singh has made it clear he is a champion only of those things he believes in, and has campaigned to have WDDTY removed from the shelves.

o Contact the Liverpool CCG, and let them know that people want homeopathy on the NHS, and that they shouldn’t bow to bully boys (

o Sign a petition to protect homeopathy in the UK:

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