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Rate of Covid vaccine side effects 10 times higher than official figures suggest

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The true rate of side effects and deaths from a Covid-19 vaccine could be ten times higher than official figures suggest, a major German insurer has claimed.

Germany’s health agency recorded around 245,000 serious reactions to the vaccine last year, but health insurer BBK ProVita says the real figure is closer to three million.

BBK paid out for around 400,000 doctor visits to policyholders to treat vaccine side effects in 2021, and “extrapolated to the total population, this figure would be three million,” said BBK director Andreas Schofbeck.

Like most drug reaction reporting systems, Germany’s is also passive and requires the patient or doctor to lodge a case.  Doctors have to make a submission in their own free time, and this is an unpaid and time-consuming activity, which is a deterrent to reporting.

BBK has sent its projections to Germany’s leading health authorities, and describes them as  “a strong alarm signal” to the true dangers of the Covid vaccines.

Other countries are seeing similar rates of under-reporting.  An Israeli survey discovered that the real rate of vaccine side effects was even thousands of times higher than official figures have suggested.

(Source: The Daily Sceptic;

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