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Quarter of NHS patients turn to alternative medicine while they wait

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A quarter of Britons in the long queue for treatment on the National Health Service is turning to alternative medicine while they waitout some admit they would keep it a secret from their doctor.

The most popular alternative therapy being used is acupuncture for pain relief, which 65 per cent of people say they are turning to followed by massage, chiropractic massage and osteopathy.

And some felt they had been forced into trying an alternative by the long wait for treatment on the NHS, or the long time-lags between appointments.

But around 10 per cent admitted they would never tell their doctor they were using alternative medicine.

The wide use of alternative medicine has been discovered in a survey of 1,019 randomly polled in a survey sponsored by Qi Wellness, a clinic in London.

Perhaps the most surprising finding to come out of the survey was the willingness of everyone polled to try alternative medicine, even if they weren`t currently doing so.

Nearly half said they could be persuaded to try alternative medicine by reading positive testimonials and press articles, while the rest said they would give it a try if it had been recommended by family or friends.

Only one in four said they would want to see more proof before trying an alternative therapy.

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