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MMR not effective, but data ‘massaged’ to conceal the truth

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Parents who have refused the MMR vaccine for their children are usually blamed for any outbreak of measles, mumps or rubella (German measles). But the MMR is far less effective than manufacturers have claimed, and the data has been massaged to conceal the truth, two virologists have said in a sworn testament.

Health agencies demand a 95 per cent effectiveness in vaccines in order to achieve herd immunity-but the mumps component of the MMR vaccine produced by Merck has just a 79.5 per cent protective effect, say Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, both former virologists at Merck.

In a sworn testament to the United States district court of Pennsylvania, the two say that Merck has deliberately misled health agencies around the world. By using improper testing techniques and falsifying data, Merck has claimed the mumps component meets the 95 per cent efficacy rate.

Techniques included spiking blood tests with animal antibodies in order to artificially inflate the numbers of immune system antibodies that purportedly came from children given the vaccine.

Over the past decade, Merck has earned many hundreds of millions of dollars from health agencies, who have bought stocks of a vaccine they have believed offered full protection.

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