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Local councils could face prosecution for adding fluoride to water supply

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Local authorities around the UK could face criminal prosecution if they fluoridate their water supply under new powers being discussed today and tomorrow in Parliament.
The Health and Social Care Bill gives local authorities the right to fluoridate the public water supply in their region – but it appears to be a notional power as they will be contravening Department of Health guidelines if they do not comply.
It is being discussed today (Tuesday, September 6) and tomorrow in Parliament, and is expected to be passed into law unopposed.
Although their hands appear to be tied, local authorities will still be in the firing line and could face criminal prosecution if they do fluoridate the water, says UK Council Against Fluoridation (UKCAF), which represents 74 local authorities around the UK already opposed to fluoridation.
In an open letter to all councillors, Liz Vaughan, UKCAF’s director, warns that they leave themselves open to private and class action suits, especially from parents whose children can suffer dental fluorosis from fluoridated water, and for promoting an unlicensed medicinal product (ie, fluoride).
Individual councillors who supported water fluoridation could be liable for any damages, and it is likely that insurers will refuse to offer personal public indemnity insurance once they see the level of controversy that the new measure creates.
(Source: UK Council Against Fluoridation,

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