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High-dose vitamin C does kill cancer, scientists prove

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Some years ago, the mother of WDDTY’s publisher, Bryan Hubbard, was cured of end-stage breast cancer after she was given high-dose vitamin C intravenously. This week scientists have proven that it is an effective cancer-fighter, and can even reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Scientists at Kansas University’s medical centre have observed in laboratory tests that very high doses of the vitamin-which can only be given intravenously-kill cancer cells, and without causing any damage to the liver, kidney and spleen.

In a separate trial, the same researchers have been giving high-dose vitamin C to around half of 27 patients diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 ovarian cancer, who were all being treated with chemotherapy. Those given vitamin C experienced far fewer toxic effects from the chemotherapy, the scientists say.

The scientists, led by Prof Qi Chen, say they wanted to provide a scientific explanation for the cancer-fighting qualities of vitamin C as conventional oncologists have remained sceptical about its use. This is partly because studies that looked at vitamin C given orally-and so at far lower doses-wasn’t effective.

There has been a gap between the conventional and alternative worlds over the vitamin. Prof Chen says it has been used since the 1970s when Linus Pauling championed its cancer-fighting qualities, and there have been thousands of ‘anecdotal’ stories about its positive effects.

Now the proof is there, and it’s time for a large-scale study into the use of intravenous vitamin C, says Prof Chen.

(Source: Science Translational Medicine, 2014; 6: 222ra18)

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