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GM feeds are coming to Europe’s farms – and they could trigger disease epidemics, warns expert

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Genetically-modified (GM) feed for livestock could be imported into the UK very soon – thanks to ‘back-door’ legislation – but we will be bringing disease to our crops and farm animals when we do, a US plant expert warns.
The expert, Don Huber, formerly of Purdue University in the US, has sent his research data to UK and European authorities – at their request – but it seems unlikely that his findings will stop the introduction of GM feed into the UK.
The UK is signing up to EU regulation that permits the importing of animal feeds that contain unauthorised GM crops. Following years of intensive lobbying by pro-GM groups, the EU has decided to end its ‘zero tolerance’ approach to unauthorised GM imports.
Environmentalists fear that the new policy is the thin end of the wedge and that GM-foods will eventually make their way into the food we eat. Eventually we will not know whether we are eating GM-free food or not, they fear.
Dr Huber predicts that farms throughout Europe will go the way of those in the US, which have experienced epidemics of diseases that have affected their livestock and crops.
The epidemics are caused by GM crops, he says, which use glyphosate, a herbicide. Glyphosates give crops a form of AIDS, weakening their natural defences and leaving them open to pathogens that kill them, he says. In turn, the crops are eaten by livestock, which are also becoming more susceptible to disease.
The chief culprit is Monsanto, says Huber, whose soy and corn seeds are rich in glyphosates. He says he has found a new disease-causing organism in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GM corn and soybeans. Farmers have told him that there has been a 15 per cent increase in infertility rates in livestock, and spontaneous abortions have risen by 35 per cent. The problem disappears when they revert to non-GM soy and corn for feed.
(Source: and The Observer, February 6, 2011).

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