Fasting can reverse type 2 diabetes

Fasting for 24 hours intermittently – either every other day or for three days straight – can reverse the condition and eliminate the need for drug treatment.

Diabetics who had been taking insulin and medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol levels were drug-free after 10 months of intermittent fasting, researchers from the University of Toronto have discovered.

The patients weren’t going entirely without food. During the 24-hour fast, they could drink low-calorie beverages such as tea or coffee, water or broth, and were allowed one low-calorie meal in the evening.

Fasting was tested on three diabetics, whose problem had become so advanced that they were injecting insulin every day to help break down sugars. Two intermittently fasted every other day, and the third fasted for three days and ate normally the other four days in the week.

(Source: BMJ Case Reports, 2018; bcr-2017-221854)