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EMR Shielding Solutions

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Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot avoid their use and presence – so we must learn how to live with them while protecting ourselves to the best of our abilities.

One of the biggest issues with advanced technology is electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. EMF radiation is split into 2 main areas: high-frequency radiation and low-frequency radiation.

High-frequency radiation (also known as radio-frequency or microwave radiation) is generated from sources such as smartphones, wifi modems, cordless phones, cell towers, smart meters, and any bluetooth devices. In general, any device that works wirelessly is considered to produce RF radiation.

The second type is low-frequency radiation. Within households, low-frequency is mainly generated by sources connected to electrical networks. This includes appliances, electrical wires, electrical boxes, air conditioners, and transmission lines located nearby to the home.

EMR Shielding Solutions, based in Canada, provides the tools and materials necessary to protect against electromagnetic radiation. EMRSS offers instruments capable of measuring the amount of EMF radiation being emitted. In addition to meters and spectrum analyzers, they have a wide selection of person protection products including fabrics, blankets, clothing, hats, laptop desks, and more. All of their shielding materials have been tested and proven to reduce EMF radiation. Beyond personal protection, EMRSS also has products for shielding homes and offices – such as paint, fabric for canopies or curtains, and wallpaper. Considering the lack of information in regards to EMF radiation, EMR Shielding Solutions aims to bring awareness to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation through their products and customer support.

To find out more about EMR Shielding Solutions, their products, and additional information regarding EMF radiation, visit their website at Alternatively, EMRSS can be emailed at: or reached at their UK phone line: +44 (808)-169-2405.

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