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Dr Mercola takes down Covid articles after ‘personal’ attacks

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Leading alternative health advocate Dr Joseph Mercola is removing from his website all articles about natural ways to counter Covid-19 after he has been targeted by government-backed pressure groups.

One, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), lists Mercola as one of the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ who it claims have been responsible for circulating around 65 percent of supposed anti-vaccine content on the web.  The group is pressurising Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to ban the dozen, which also includes Robert F Kennedy Jr, Dr Rashid Buttar, Ty Bollinger and Christiane Northrup.

Dr Mercola is taking down information about vitamins D and C and zinc as a way to lower the risk of Covid infection after he had received threats “that have now become very personal and have intensified. . . if you can imagine what billionaires and their front groups are capable of, I can assure you they have been creative in deploying their assets to have this content removed.”

His website recently crashed after it had been attacked by ‘malevolent organisations’ but said at the time he was prepared to carry on and even defend himself in a court of law.

The CCDH is a left-leaning group, led by its founder Imran Ahmed, who worked as a political adviser to the UK’s Labour MP Hilary Benn and wrote the book, with Labour MP Angela Eagle: The New Serfdom: The Triumph of Conservative Ideas and How to Defeat Them.

Although it describes itself as a ’non-profit’, the CCDH is a limited company, and its board includes Kirsty McNeill, who was an adviser to former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  Another board member, Morgan McSweeney, resigned last year to become chief adviser to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

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