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Doctors call for vitamin C as a Covid treatment

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More than 5000 doctors and 20 medical institutes have launched a campaign to get vitamin C accepted as a primary treatment for Covid-19.

The campaign, Vitamin C for Covid, follows the publication of a major review of 100 trials that discovered the vitamin can save the lives of people badly infected by the virus and reduce the symptoms of milder infections.

Vitamin C is “safer than water, inexpensive and widely available,” said nutritionist Patrick Holford, who headed up the research project. “The appropriate use of vitamin C as early as possible in infection, and in high intravenous doses in intensive care units (ICUs), would potentially be a game-changer.”

High-dose vitamin C therapy is already being used in China, and 50 million one-gram doses were shipped into Wuhan, the epicentre of the Covid outbreak, as early as February last year, Holford added.

The campaign is seeking to get health authorities around the world to accept vitamin C as an effective therapy for Covid—instead of dismissing it as false information. It’s also looking to raise

funds to carry out major and definitive studies into the vitamin, and get health agencies to start recommending the vitamin, especially for the most vulnerable, including care home residents who are at special risk and are known to be depleted in the nutrient.

(Sources:; study: Nutrients, 2020; 12: 3760)

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