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Covid vaccines just 8 percent effective against Delta variant

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Covid vaccines are less than 8 percent effective against the Delta strain among the over-50s which explains why cases are rising even though most people have been double-vaxxed.

The vaccines are only slightly more effective in the under-50s, with a protection rate of 24 percent.

The vaccines are reducing the risk of dying from the virus, however, and have a 72 percent protective effect, although effectiveness is dropping by the week.

This worrying picture is based on an analysis of figures released by Public Health England (PHE), and mainly measures the effectiveness of the Astra Zeneca jab, which has been widely used in the UK.

The figures reveal that 68,445 Delta variant cases were recorded among the over-50s who were double-vaxxed in the three months to September, and 7,575 cases among the unvaccinated.  As 88 percent of the age group has been double-vaxxed, the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Delta variant is just 7.6 percent, which represents a drop from 24 percent a month earlier.

The under-50s seem to be better protected.  The vaccine’s effectiveness against the variant is 24 percent in the age group, but as with the over-50s, it’s dropping: a month ago, its effectiveness rate was 37 percent.

The vaccinated are less likely to die from the variant, however.  The vaccine reduces the chances of dying by 72 percent among the over-50s and by 30 percent in the under-50s.

The analysis, which paints quite a different picture from the upbeat one from ‘official’ government sources, has been carried out by researchers with the website, The Daily Sceptic, headed by journalist Toby Young.


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