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Cheese and red wine every day keep us mentally sharp as we age

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Cheese and red wine every day keep us mentally sharp as we age

Eating cheese every day is one of the best ways to ward off cognitive decline as we get older, new research suggests.

It’s the most protective food we can eat—and washing it down with a daily glass of red wine is the perfect combination to help us maintain our mental faculties.

The mental health and diets of 1787 adults aged between 46 to 77 were tracked by researchers at Iowa State University for four years and, from that, they drew up a list of the things we should eat and drink—and those we shouldn’t.

Eating too much red meat, for instance, isn’t great for our longterm mental health, although eating a serving of lamb once a week could have a positive effect. Similarly, consuming too much salt can impair our cognitive abilities, but only if we’re already showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Genetics also play a part in determining whether we develop Alzheimer’s, but by far the bigger influence is our diet. “I believe the right food choices can prevent the disease and cognitive decline altogether. Perhaps the silver bullet we’re looking for is upgrading how we eat,” said researcher Brandon Klinedinst.

(Source: Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 2020; 78: 1245)

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