An avocado a day reduces belly fat

An avocado a day can help women lose the hard-to-budge belly fat and make them look slimmer.

The fat—known as visceral abdominal fat—surrounds the body’s organs and increases the risk for diabetes.

The fat-moving qualities of the avocado surprised a research team who were looking to see the fruit’s impact on the way people store fat.  Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recruited 105 obese or overweight men and women, and put them on a diet of just one meal a day for 12 weeks, but half the group was also given an avocado as part of their daily meal plan.

Although the men didn’t benefit from eating avocados, the women’s visceral fat reduced and the fat that was surrounding their organs also dispersed.

(Source: Journal of Nutrition, 2021; 151: 2513)