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Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Start Grounding

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There’s something life-affirming about the change of season from the short, cold days of winter to the warmer rays of sunshine and the promise of longer days ahead. Many people feel a renewed inspiration to start healthy habits in spring when the idea of spending time outdoors in nature feels more appealing.

Spending time in nature can have both physical and mental health benefits that cannot be over-estimated. A 2019 study, published on found that spending at least 2 hours per week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing. One benefit of being outdoors is the opportunity to reconnect with the Earth in the practice known as earthing, or grounding. When grounding, we absorb the abundance of negatively charged electrons found on the Earth’s surface which can help to restore and stabilise our biological state. This can result in many benefits, including reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep, lower stress, increased energy levels and much more.

Spring is the perfect time of year to start grounding outdoors. To gain maximum benefit, it is recommended to dedicate at least 40 minutes a day to grounding. There are many ways to incorporate grounding into your outdoor activities:

1. Take a hike

Or a stroll or a jog! If the weather and terrain allow, slip off your shoes and take a barefoot walk so that you have direct contact with the Earth. If barefoot is a step too far, there is a range of earthing footwear and accessories to help keep you grounded when outdoors, while still protecting your feet.


2. At the Beach

There is no better place to ground yourself than at the beach. A barefoot stroll on the sand and in shallow water can make you feel better instantly. All naturally conductive surfaces such as sand, soil, grass and rock are perfect for grounding and moist surfaces provide even greater conductivity.


3. Barefoot Picnic in the Park

Pack a nutritious lunch, a picnic blanket and a good book and enjoy a relaxing barefoot afternoon at the local park. Simply rest your bare feet on the grass as you unwind and let time slip you by.


4. Green Thumb Grounding

After a long, cold winter, the arrival of spring is the perfect time to get back out into the garden to plant a variety of flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Getting your hands dirty and feeling the earth between your fingers is a wonderful way to ground yourself while doing something productive and creating something beautiful. Not only does gardening allow you to connect with nature, but it also provides a grounding experience that can be incredibly therapeutic.

5. Early Morning Me Time

Starting your day with a cup of tea or coffee and your feet resting on the dewy grass is a refreshing way to wake up. This practice will allow for a moment of peace to help you prepare for the hustle and bustle of the day ahead.


Finding something that works for you and making grounding part of your everyday routine is the best way to enjoy the many different benefits that grounding can bring. However, for those times when you simply can’t be outdoors, there is a wide range of indoor earthing products available to keep you grounded all day and all night, while you work, rest and play.

Discover more about earthing and browse our range of indoor earthing products here.

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