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The rise and rise of Anthony Fauci

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Few non-Americans are likely to have heard of the subject of The Real Anthony Fauci (Skyhorse Books, 2021) unless they are students of the politics of the American pharmaceutical industry, but Anthony (“call me Tony”) Fauci is probably the most powerful person in the US medical establishment. 

Indeed, during the Covid-19 crisis, he was often televised at the White House, flanked first by Trump and then Biden, thus living up to his self-serving moniker as “America’s Doctor.”

Also, for very different reasons, many may not have heard of the book’s author, either. Although he is a scion of the illustrious Kennedy dynasty, Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been shunned by the media for being both an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ 

An environmental lawyer with a number of successful prosecutions against corporate polluters such as Dupont under his belt, Kennedy began to suspect that childhood vaccines were causing an epidemic of autoimmune diseases and autism spectrum disorders some 20 years ago.  

In 2005 he founded Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit organization campaigning, among other causes, against the increasing vaccination rates among American children. 

Kennedy was concerned that, from almost the moment of birth up to age 18, US children were receiving an astonishing 70 jabs against 22 diseases—mostly mandatorily. 

One of the prime movers behind this explosion of childhood vaccines is Fauci, so when the Covid pandemic began in March 2020 and Kennedy witnessed Fauci apparently in charge of the nation’s response, his legal antennae doubtless bristled with suspicion. 

Over 18 months, he monitored Fauci’s handling of the crisis and his push for a “warp speed vaccine roll-out.” By November 2020, Kennedy was ready to expose what he’d discovered. 

His book, subtitled Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, starts with a dedication to nearly 200 (all named) “heroic scientists and physicians who…disagree with the Fauci doctrine [and thereby] have risked their careers, livelihoods and reputations to champion evidence-based science…reject propaganda, defy censorship…and resist rising medical authoritarianism.” 

As an aside, as soon as it was published, the book quickly reached bestseller status on Amazon, but not in the influential New York Times—in itself an act of mainstream media censorship, says the publisher. 

In the book’s introduction, much like a prosecutor’s opening salvoes in court, Kennedy outlines the story of the Covid crisis, suggesting a litany of potential corruption, censorship, deceit and outright fraud in order to fast-track the vaccine roll-out.  

Masterminding all this, claims Kennedy, is Fauci, supported by his friends in the pharmaceutical industry. For years, he says, Fauci had facilitated the “capture” of the regulatory agencies by Big Pharma, allowing them to ride roughshod over drug safety statutes—hence the poorly tested Covid jabs.  

The other villain of the piece, according to Kennedy, is Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Without actually using the word “conspiracy,” Kennedy claims that Fauci and Gates collaborated 20 years ago to flood the world with vaccines.  

For Fauci, this offered an opportunity to increase his control of US medical research—and his wealth through patents on a number of pharmaceuticals. 

Such blatant conflict of interest is endemic within American medicine, as—astonishingly—the US regulatory agencies have been permitted to own the patents of the drugs they regulate, making them, as Kennedy puts it, government “marketing machines for the pharmaceutical industry.” 

For Gates, the happy outcome was leveraging his wealth with huge returns on investments in vaccines—far more lucrative, he has openly admitted, than those in other sectors.

The meat of the book—and it is indeed a very meaty 480 pages long—is essentially a list of hundreds of pieces of evidence supporting Kennedy’s argument, collated into subject areas. 

The book is organized into two broad sections: the Covid-19 story, followed by an account of how Fauci gradually consolidated his power over nearly half a century.  

The book opens in March 2020, when the Sars-Cov-2 virus first hit. From the outset, the entire response was riddled with potential corruption and fraud, claims Kennedy. 

First, Covid’s health risks were vastly overblown by (Gates-funded) Imperial College, followed by Fauci using his medical influence to suppress a number of cheap effective treatments—both of which smoothed the way to obtain Emergency Use Authorization for the mRNA vaccines.

Their strategy, charges Kennedy, was this: after the initial vaccine safety trials, Fauci exaggerated the jabs’ efficacy and downplayed their harmful side-effects, while Gates gave large grants to the world’s media, which likely had the effect of suppressing any investigative journalism so as not to undermine the Fauci mantra that the jabs were “safe and effective.”    

Furthermore, in the US, the fact that Big Pharma has long been permitted to become the US media’s biggest source of advertising revenue ($21 billion in 2021 alone) would have put a firm lid on any journalistic questioning.

Elsewhere in the world, the equally huge sums spent by governments advertising their suspiciously similar, apparently coordinated Covid decrees—lockdowns, distancing, masks, vaccinations, etc.—are likely to have had the same media-silencing effects. 

To cap it all, the leading players in the world’s print and broadcast media formed a cartel called the Trusted News Initiative, whose main purpose was “combating the spread of harmful vaccine disinformation.” It was led by the BBC, which had received a donation of $3,668,657 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Not surprisingly, broadcasters and newspapers not only downplayed the many thousands of serious injuries caused by the Covid vaccines, but ignored the appalling death toll that also ensued: namely, over 22,000 fatalities linked to Covid vaccination in the US, 30,000 in Europe and 2,000 in Britain (as of February 2022)—a horrifying statistic in the name of  “public health.” 

Those already gargantuan figures are even more scandalous as they are serious underestimates, due to the passive adverse events reporting schemes.   

Kennedy then goes back in time, charting the rise of Fauci from small beginnings as the head of a minor US government agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  The ambitious Fauci’s breakthrough came in 1984 with the arrival of the scariest infectious disease since smallpox: AIDS. 

The clamor for a cure quickly became a political issue, and Fauci persuaded Congress to pour millions into his then-tiny agency in return for a solution to the crisis. Fauci distributed his new-found largesse to the medical research community, using his power to control the research and its outcomes. 

He had a one-track mind, funneling almost all the NIAID’s new-found riches into the ‘wonder drug’ AZT and shepherding it quickly through the official approval process—but only thanks to questionable testing methods and even “widespread data tampering,” charges Kennedy.  

As it turned out, the drug was not the great white hope Fauci had promised, but a highly toxic medication with a raft of crippling side-effects, including premature death. 

Undaunted, Fauci changed tack, going on the hunt for an AIDS vaccine. However, the rationale for this was disputed by virologist Peter Duesberg, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who questioned whether AIDS was caused by a single lethal virus. 

Kennedy relates how Fauci viciously counter-attacked and charges that he used the power of his research funding to have Duesberg discredited. 

Meanwhile, despite numerous clinical trials, mainly conducted on Africans and American orphans, Fauci’s AIDS experiments kept on failing to deliver. Nevertheless, despite his lack of success, by 2000 Fauci was still in his job.    

It was then that Fauci found Gates. They were ideal bedfellows, as both were passionate ‘vaxxers.’

Using (tax-deductible) ‘philanthropy,’ Gates bought his way into many of the world’s regulatory agencies, chief among them the World Health Organization. By 2011, such was his power that he could issue instructions to the WHO’s 193 member countries to “make vaccines a central focus of your health systems.”

Unsurprisingly, says Kennedy, Gates received WHO backing for yet another set of Fauci-driven AIDS vaccine trials in Africa, alongside a campaign of general mass vaccination, using stockpiles of what Kennedy contends were  expired US vaccines—tax-deductible disposals for the drug companies Gates had already invested in.   

The book’s most explosive charge is that, from roughly 2010 onward, Gates and Fauci’s organization co-funded numerous rehearsals—benignly called ‘exercises,’ ‘simulations’ or ‘preparedness’—carried out by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about how to handle a future global infection by a dangerous virus.  

Techniques were practiced for how to successfully mass vaccinate the global population, claims Kennedy, by “ruthlessly controlling dissent…degrading civil rights. . .using fear-driven propaganda, surveillance [and] censorship,” plus “public shaming of the vaccine-hesitant” and covering up “the long-term chronic effects of the vaccine.”

In fact, Gates had already “bet millions” on a fledgling company called Moderna, whose mRNA vaccine was one of the trio deployed in late 2020.

Also explored in the book is the other, intimately related accusation that funding by Fauci’s institute may have been responsible for creating the Covid-19 pathogen itself.  

To obviate Congress’ prohibition of what it considered risky “gain of function” research—deliberately manipulating pathogens to make them more infectious in order to determine their risk to humans—Fauci provided a substantial NIAID grant, says Kennedy, to support that research in China.

A middle-man organization called EcoHealth was the conduit for the grant, which ended up in a specialist laboratory in Wuhan, later the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak. There, Chinese technicians genetically engineered a pathogen based on a simple common-cold coronavirus. It was later called Sars-Cov-2—the cause of Covid-19. 

Fauci has publicly denied all this to the US Congress and is now accused of perjury. As yet, no charges have been brought against him.Instead, “Teflon Tony,” as Kennedy calls him, remains inviolate, still in place as the highest-paid government employee in the US. 

You may well come away from this book agreeing with its author that Fauci is “the most powerful…corrupt…and despotic doctor in human history.”

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