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Spotlight on the new trend of alcohol-free drinks

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It won’t have escaped your notice that there is a now a huge range of low- and no-alcohol drinks. Big, well-known brands jostle alongside artisan brands, and the array of choices is fantastic. You really can have great “grown-up” drinks and still drive home.

Everleaf Drinks

$33/£19 (500 mL / 50 cL)

Another nonalcoholic drinks brand that really rocks sustainability is Everleaf Drinks. 

Their three products are anchored to different parts of the natural world: Forest, Mountain and Marine. These act as both inspiration for flavor profiles and sources of key botanicals. Guided by their unique knowledge of botany and conservation, Everleaf believes what is created from the natural world should connect you to it but also help protect it.

Everleaf is designed to be mixed with light tonic water, ice and a freshly sliced garnish to create a delicious spritz or mocktail.


Gnista Spirits

Barrelled Oak, €20 (50 cL)

Gnista drinks are handmade in Sweden, in small batches and using a combination of gastronomy, food tech and classic spirit-making techniques. The creators are lovers of fine wines and spirits and have created a unique smoky spirit containing warm spice and chocolate rye notes. You can have it neat, on the rocks, or with soda or tonic.


New London Light 

Non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs, $30.91/£25.00 (700 mL / 70 cL)

If you’re a gin lover, try New London Light contemporary nonalcoholic spirits and aperitifs crafted by the makers of the multi-award-winning Salcombe Gin.

A favorite is First Light, a bright nonalcoholic spirit made with dry juniper, zesty ginger, habanero, orange and sage. A blend of botanical distillates and extracts rounds it out, including orange, sage, cardamom, cascarilla bark and lemongrass, plus sweet orange and star anise. 

Serve over plenty of ice with a premium light tonic water, garnished with a sage leaf and slice of fresh orange. It’s low calorie (24 kcal/100 mL) and alcohol-free. 

As for sustainability, their bottle caps are made from recycled ocean plastics, and 1 percent of their profits go to ocean charities in the UK and US.



£22.95 (70 cL)

Created by a family-run Scottish brand, Talonmore really is a unique drink that replicates the experience of drinking a dark spirit. It’s 0 percent ABV and brewed with Scottish water.

The key superfoods ginger, prickly pear, hawthorn berry and Assam tea have recognized health benefits in their own right, and when combined they offer a full-bodied, fiery taste that replicates the pleasant burn of alcohol. The lingering flavor is full and smoky, spiced with ginger and cinnamon and complemented with malty notes and fruity sweetness.

You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a variety of nonalcoholic cocktails. The glass bottle, packaging and cap are fully recyclable. Cheers! 

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