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Natural products to rejuvenate and recharge

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How do you feel about a recharge? I’m not a fan of resolutions or tough boot-camp-style regimes, but I love the idea of introducing a few strategies and products into the mix to feel as though you are making a difference to your health. It’s always good to check our own energy levels and see where we can make some welcome tweaks.

Get your glow on with facial oil . . .

Angela Langford Skincare, Bloom and Glow, $23.91/£20.50, (0.5 oz / 15 mL)

I have long been a devotee of facial oils, which seem to work a miracle no matter what your skin type is. Don’t be fearful even if your skin isn’t very dry; this organic, “mood boosting” facial oil from Angela Langford (who knows a thing or two about recipes as she was a MasterChef finalist!) is great for sensitive skin and includes some of the finest natural ingredients, such as chia seed and sea buckthorn. This lovely, cruelty-free vegan oil is made by hand in Pembrokeshire.

Keep your good energy intact!

Findhorn Flower Essences, Sacred Energy Shielding Mist, $20.92/£17.95, (3.4 oz / 100 mL)

I love the work of Findhorn Essences. Its founder, the late Marion Leigh, developed many flower, gem and element essences, and her legacy was passed on to her daughter Iona.

During the Covid pandemic, Findhorn Essences created an aromatherapy mist to help people keep their spirits high. The Nature Spirits Aromatherapy Range of natural room mists can be spritzed into the four corners of the room or of any area you wish to cleanse. This one is made with lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Each box includes a positive mantra that you can chant as you spritz—sure beats a chemical air freshener!

When it comes to nutrition, don’t detox—reset! 

Dominique Ludwig Nutrition, Renew Reset Recharge® online program, $348.78/£299

It’s the time of year when our thoughts may turn to a detox, but don’t fall into the trap of yo-yo dieting or fasting, then berating yourself for failing! Instead, check out this innovative online program Renew Reset Recharge®, created by leading nutritionist Dominique Ludwig. 

Renew Reset Recharge® is a pioneering weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle program all rolled into one. Dominique created this program help you lose weight if you need to, change the way you eat forever and so transform your health. It can help to remove the shackles of yo-yo dieting, guilt and food confusion to give you complete food freedom. It also presses the reset button on your metabolism.

The “anti-aging” sleep set? 

This Is Silk, Luxury Sleep Set, $114/£98

I remember reading about silk many years ago. It’s an ancient fabric, of course, but also sustainable and versatile. Studies show that silk can be beneficial for skin and hair because it’s made of similar amino acids, and this can help to moisturize and smooth the skin.

Enter the silk pillowcase! 

The founder of This Is Silk, Sonal Keay, developed a rare skin condition with an allergy to daylight. She started her brand because she found silk was the only thing that soothed her inflamed and painful skin. Her company also makes silk oil and cream, luxurious eye masks and silk towels.

This set comes with a silk pillowcase, a silk eye mask and cashmere bed socks, and I’m loving it! The pillowcase definitely feels as though it smooths fine lines and helps the skin to retain hydration levels. It’s even thought to improve collagen levels.

Look after your locks 

Innersense, Quiet Calm Curl Control, $26/£24 (10 oz) /

Many of us spend a lot of time nourishing our skin but forget the importance of using natural products on our hair. That’s why you should check out the organic and chemical-free Quiet Calm Curl Control from Innersense Organic Beauty.

Those who are blessed with curly hair (we often find we want what we haven’t got!) usually want to tame the frizz, but many products are full of synthetic chemicals, so this one’s a game-changer. Its plant ingredients are certified organic, and it feels luxurious and smells divine due to the lovely essential oils included.

You will experience the scent of orange flower and frangipani as the styling cream does its finest work, adding moisture and definition to your curls with ingredients such as honey extract, rooibos tea and shea butter—all good enough to eat!

Ready with pillowcase . . .time for ZZZ’s 

Made by Coopers, “I Can Sleep” Bundle, $34.96/£30 (3.4 oz / 100 mL spray)

Who doesn’t want a relaxing night’s sleep? How about a lovely aromatherapy spray created by apothecary expert Clare, the founder of Made by Coopers, along with a six-month subscription to the Clementine Sleep App.

You get the benefits of aromatherapy (the spray is packed with essential oils and botanicals and is free of synthetic fragrances) and the soothing effects of hypnotherapy. The Clementine App offers audio sessions to guide the user to the root of how they are feeling and introduce some calm before sleep.

Spritz the spray, pop on the Deep Sleep session in the app and enjoy your ZZZ’s.

The anti-aging pill—and the most interesting product name

Oxford Healthspan, Primeadine Gluten-Free Spermidine Supplement, $90/£75 (60 tabs) 

Spermidine is found in semen, and according to some celebs who have been raving about it, the ingredient is very potent for anti-aging. It’s found in plants and breast milk too, and this anti-aging supplement from Oxford Healthspan has been designed to support brain health, cellular renewal and even hair growth.

The manufacturers claim the spermidine induces autophagy—our bodies’ way of discarding damaged cells and recycling them naturally. That process declines with age, so the manufacturer claims this supplement can boost it and has formulated the product based on scientific research.

It’s gluten free, soy free and suitable for vegans, and in addition to the plant-derived spermidine, it includes chlorella, turmeric and shikuwasa.


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