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Natural holiday gifts for everyone

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It’s the time of the year when our thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas gifts and ways to treat ourselves for the holidays.Here are some gift suggestions for every person you love—and for the home—that are natural and sustainable too, so you can spend your money with brands that also give back.

The perfume you can share

Jones & Modha No. 1, £69 (50 mL)

When looking for natural perfumes that don’t contain synthetic chemicals, I was fascinated to come across a sophisticated perfume that has a gender-neutral fragrance.

Jones & Modha No. 1 is made with consciously sourced (in Somerset, UK) plant and flower essences. The bottle is stylish but comes in minimal packaging, so it’s truly sustainable. On top of all that, the company donates 2.5 percent of its profits to environmental charities.

What does No. 1 smell like? It’s light and green, a bit like immersing yourself in a citrus grove with a hint of spice.


Ensure a relaxed holiday atmosphere

Made by Coopers   

Calm Room Spray, $15.09/£16.50 (3.4 oz / 100 mL)

Even when the gathering of relatives is in full swing, keep the aroma sweet with a calm atmosphere mist. This blend combines organic lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense (as in wise men), rosemary and bergamot essential oils, all great for promoting relaxation and reducing stress. 


For the man who likes a traditional shave

Harbour Soap

Men’s Shaving Gift Set, $13.71/£11.99 (2.1 oz / 60 g)

Harbour’s shaving set contains a handmade shaving soap filled with natural ingredients including shea butter, goat’s milk and essential oils, and a shaving brush.

Choose from four formulas based on skin type, each with a different scent and properties, to improve skin health while cleansing and soothing.


And for the beloved beards

Handmade Naturals   

Beard Oil, $9.72/£8.50 (1.7 oz / 50 mL)

Most bearded guys want to nourish and condition their beard but don’t necessarily want a fragrance, so this is perfect: an unscented blend of oils, including argan, designed to soften and moisturize beards, plus keep them shiny and looking dapper.

It’s vegan; free of petrolatum, paraffin and silicones; and useful as a facial moisturizer and scalp conditioner too.


Pamper the guys during holiday travel


FRESH Travel Set for Men, £47.96

Ringana is a vegan beauty brand that offers an airport-friendly, clear travel bag filled with mini travel-sized face and body care products.

Inside you’ll find Ringana’s FRESH soap (20 g); hydro serum and deodorant (5 mL each); moisturizer for men (10 mL); body milk, foot balm, hand balm and tooth oil (15 mL each); and body wash, shampoo and Stay Fresh (50mL each).


Hole up and smell the coffee  

Two Chimps

Roast Coffee at Home Gift Set, £44.95

Give a coffee lover the gift of sustainable specialty coffee with the Roast Coffee at Home Gift Set. It comes with two bags of roasted beans and two bags of unroasted “green” beans (250 g each), plus a how-to guide and two ready-to-write labels, everything needed to roast coffee in the coziness of one’s own kitchen—no need to hit the coffee shops, so it’s perfect for getting snowed in.

They’ll enjoy watching the green beans change color and smelling “the aroma progress through the key sensory milestones of grass, hay and bread.” Mmm!

The set is presented in a white, ribbon-tied gift box and the coffee bags are recyclable. The company works with Ecologi to offset carbon emissions, including by planting a tree for each new subscriber!


Can hand wash look pretty? 

Milly & Sissy 

Zero Waste Hand Wash Set, $22.87/£20.00 (33.8 oz / 1000 mL)

I love this eco-friendly waterless and refillable hand wash, which is genuinely sustainable. The stylish bottle with a stainless steel brushed-bronze pump looks great in the bathroom and will last for years. Simply fill it with the included 40-g refill sachets of Milly & Sissy hand wash and mix with water to make 500 mL of each scent. Wash, refill and repeat!


Be skin-friendly and eco-friendly—give a gift within a gift 


Skin Food Glow Gift Set, £15.00

Each gift set in the new Christmas Collection from Weleda contains a lovely self-care ritual and free access to a bespoke Spotify playlist. And, for every gift purchased, Weleda plants a tree with TreeSisters, so each gift gives to the recipient and to the planet.

This one is excellent for those who want the most nourishing care for their skin. The set contains the Skin Food Original (30 mL), which can be used from top to toe, and Skin Food Lip Balm (8 mL) with botanical extracts, waxes and oil to smooth dry lips.

To date, over 195,000 Weleda trees have been planted via UK charity TreeSisters. Every gift purchase funds the planting of trees that sequester carbon, restore landscapes, provide habitat, create rainfall, stabilize weather and cool the earth.


Love your lashes…but make them vegan   

With Love Cosmetics

Faux Mink Lashes, $10.26/£9.00

With Love Cosmetics founder Millie Goodwin is only 21, yet her PETA-certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics company is rocking the beauty industry with its stand against animal testing. Despite being sustainable and vegan, the makeup is bright and bold.

For the party season, who doesn’t want to don some luxury lashes? But these are special. Feathery and lightweight, they create a layered lash effect and have the look and feel of mink but are 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. You can wear them many times before popping them into the recycling.

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