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Healthy shopping: Where to buy EMF protection products

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Joanna Evans sources a selection of companies offering EMF protection products to help you create a healthier home or office space

If you’re concerned about the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), check out these one-stop-shop online stores for all your EMF protection needs. All offer international shipping.

EMF protection specialists

Safe Living Technologies

Founded by electronics and engineering technologist Rob Metzinger, Safe Living Technologies offers top-of-the-line products to help you measure and mitigate EMFs, from EMF meters and testing kits to shielding fabrics and Faraday bags. SLT also has its own product line—the Safe and Sound series of radiofrequency (RF) meters and accessories, all tested and backed by scientific research. And it provides a useful directory of EMF surveyors to help you find one near you.

Beneficial Environments

Set up by physicist, engineer and leading EMF surveyor Guy Hudson, who is also an electrosensitivity sufferer, Beneficial Environments sells EMF meters plus a wide range of EMF-shielding products, including paint, wallpaper, window film, clothing, fabrics and airtube headsets. The company offers EMF surveys for homes and offices as well as online or over-the-phone consultations.

Conscious Spaces

Conscious Spaces offers a variety of EMF meters to suit different budgets along with protective clothing, textiles, paint, phone accessories, airtube headphones and portable devices for home, work or on the move. Consultancy services and EMF surveys are also available (CS founder Tara Williams has herself trained in EMF surveying), plus there are lots of useful resources, including articles and links to scientific research on EMFs (see

EMR Shielding Solutions

As well as selling an impressive range of ready-to-ship EMF meters and shielding products—including unusual items like a “5G protection umbrella”—EMR Shielding Solutions offers custom products made from EMF-protective fabrics, from clothing to curtains to bed canopies, thanks to its on-site sewing team. Simply contact the company with your requirements for a quote.

Further resources

Here’s a small sampling of useful websites on EMFs and electrosensitivity, including educational websites, support groups and those appealing for change.

Electrosensitive Society

Electrosensitivity UK

EM Radiation Research Trust

International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Microwave News


Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance

Safe Tech International

More information on EMFs and how to protect yourself


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