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Healthy shopping: best buys in natural health and beauty

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Janey Lee Grace shares her latest natural and eco-friendly finds for your health, home and more

There has been an extraordinary amount of “greenwashing” going on in recent years, but I believe most people are becoming discerning. We can choose eco-friendly products that reduce the amount of waste in landfill, and we can conserve resources.

It’s so much easier now to make conscious choices and find products that are effective but also natural and sustainable. There is also a move away from single-use plastics, and often products are made from recyclable materials and are recyclable, biodegradable or refillable.

Here is a selection of products that are natural, with lovely ingredients and sustainability credentials.

Soap star

PiQi Water Kefir Soap, £8.50 (110 g bar)

It’s hard to beat good old soap and water sometimes, but make it one that’s vegan and palm-oil free. Try the 100 percent natural new water kefir soap from PiQi.

Water kefir is a raw fermented probiotic beverage that offers great health benefits. It’s packed with nutrients since it contains live probiotic cultures and organic acids. These soaps are based on this fermented probiotic water and nourishing olive oil. They are hand crafted in Devon and come in four natural scents as well as an unscented bar.

Hidden gems


Realive Serum, $71.46/£58.00 (1 oz / 30 mL)

AEOS stands for Active Energised Organic Skincare, and the Realive serum includes naturally derived hyaluronic acid, which helps to smooth lines and revitalize the skin. This brand is unique in that it grows and harvests as much as possible on a biodynamic farm in the UK, and its products contain spagyric crystal and gem essences.

This luxurious serum contains alchemical essences including opal, amethyst, turquoise, emerald and quartz to help to give the skin new life and balance your emotions. A little goes a long way; you need only a tiny amount on damp skin.

Better beans

Jubulani Rwanda, £7.76 (200 g)

I am, I confess, a bit snobby about my coffee, and I love this organic fairtrade coffee! Owens Coffee has been roasting 100 percent certified organic and fairtrade coffee since 2010, making it the first dedicated organic coffee roaster in the South West of England.

Owens coffee beans are Arabica beans and are generally shade-grown organically at higher altitudes, with no chemicals and more slowly, which contributes to a fuller flavor profile. The company is certified by the Soil Association with full traceability from farmer to importer.

Jabulani Rwanda is grown by the Twongerekawa Coko cooperative, a group of mostly women growers. Its tasting notes are cherry, hibiscus and vanilla, and it’s great for both filter and espresso brewing.

Plant power

Juice Plus+

Omega Blend, $130/£164 (240 capsules) /

It can be tricky finding a plant-based source of omega fatty acids, but the Omega Blend gives you omega-3, -5, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids, plus vitamin D, zinc, lutein and lycopene. The omega fatty acids in this blend come from fruits, algae and seeds, with the omega-3s sourced sustainably from algae instead of fish.

To ensure high quality, they process the oils only minimally and put them in a tapioca starch-based vegan capsule. This blend pairs respect for nature with thoughtful science to supply the fatty acids and nutrients your body can’t flourish without.

You are my sunshine

Lotus Holistic

Sunshine Lift Essence, $9.24/£7.50 (0.33 oz / 10 mL)

Julie Bowman was trained in reflexology and reiki and has been practicing complementary therapy and researching essences for decades. Using the knowledge she gained, she has designed a line of plant energy essences to balance the energies in your body.

I love the Sunshine Lift Essence. Formulated to ease depression, sadness and grief, it’s especially useful for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder. There are no side effects, and it can be taken alongside any other medication.

Just say yes

YES VM, $14.77/£11.99 (3.4 oz / 100 mL)

It’s only in recent years that we have come to realize the importance of using effective intimate products that don’t include harsh chemicals. YES intimate products are certified organic and made from natural ingredients that won’t cause side effects.

YES VM is a vaginal gel made with electrolytes and aloe vera. It maintains the moisture level in the vagina as well as the ideal pH, sans all the harmful stuff that so many other brands include. It’s free of estrogen, fragrances and dyes and is water-based for refreshing moisture without stickiness.

Goody bag

Vegan Happy Clothing

Fringed Tote Bag, $39.43/£33.00 (17 × 12 × 5 in. / 43 × 31 × 13 cm)

These sustainable bags are made from 100 percent cotton and are vegan and sustainable. They are very practical with a spacious interior, top zip closure and interior zip pocket.

The fringed bag is available in pink or white, each version featuring a different brand graphic. All embroidery and printing on the bags are animal-thread free and use vegan-friendly materials. On top of all that, 10 percent of the company’s profits go to animal rescue charities.



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