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Adaptogens: an ancestral approach to wellbeing

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UK based sisters Jodie and Paris Welton discovered the power of adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms when their bodies and rhythms started to change post 40. The sisters didn’t want to take HRT so they set about looking for natural solutions that work.  When they discovered adaptogens they were astounded by the breadth of physical and mental potential they held, and a chance meeting with the UK’s leading Medicinal Herbalist Sara Rooney BSc (Hons), Ba  (Hons) NIMH led them to create the Adaptogenic Apothecary. 

Mother nature provides us with powerful adaptogenic solutions for just about everything you can think of; mental clarity, libido, anxiety, fatigue, general well-being, immune system and menstrual cycle support, stress, physical training, and fertility, just to name a few.” Says Jodie, co-founder. 

Adaptogens are natural plant substances (herbs, roots and mushrooms) that help the body to ‘adapt’ in order to aid the stabilization of physiological processes and the promotion of homeostasis. In other words, they help the body to adapt to optimum levels of feel good. The word itself comes from the Latin term ‘adaptare’ which means to ‘fit’ or ‘adjust’ and applies to substances that can elevate the body’s resistance to stress.

The earliest known medical systems: Ayuverda in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, are both known to have used adaptogenic herbs, dating back as far as 3000 BCE. Many written medical texts including applications of adaptogens can be found throughout history, including the Vikings who used Rhodiola to enhance physical strength and the Shaolin Monks who used Reishi to enhance meditation. Our distant ancestors had an innate knowledge or intuition that served them well.

It was the modern era that witnessed adaptogens being used to acquire a competitive edge and being pushed out by modern medicine. In the 1940’s research into the body’s ability to cope with stress was being carried out by Dr. Nicolai V. Lazarev, a Soviet scientist, Doctor, and pharmacologist. He was searching for a natural performance tonic to be used for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was during his research that the term ‘adaptogen’ was created. A few years later in 1958 he and Dr. Brekham discovered Eleuthera (commonly known as Siberian Ginseng) to be a remarkable adaptogen. By the mid 1970’s more than 3 million people in Russia were regularly using Siberian Ginseng, including the Russian Olympic Games athletes, their soldiers, and astronauts. Meanwhile, across Europe the pool of wise women was rapidly shrinking. The growth in industrialisation saw women move from the home to the workplace and the sharing of plant-based medicine knowledge slowed down as a reliance on pharmaceuticals took over. 

But women’s instincts run deep and there has remained a small number of western women who knew that plant medicine was important.  They continued to observe, discover, and explore the potency of plants in healing. Some behind the white coat of science, others explored anthropology, some became nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists or aromatherapists. These are the ways that the thread of plant medicine continued to weave its way through the stories of women, and Jodie, Paris and Sara believe based medicine holds ancient wisdom, “there is sacred knowledge here” says Paris, she continues “the synergistic effect adaptogens hold are truly amazing,  where else can you find natural substances that when combined, can enhance each other’s benefits and provide potent support for your body and mind without nasty side effects?”   At the Apothecary the sisters often reflect on the side effects of their adaptogens being happiness, elevation and joy. 

Adaptogenic Apothecary proudly creates organic, ethically sourced life enhancing, powdered supplements using medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs and clinically proven Affron®. Carefully curated to support health, wellbeing and increase vitality, their award-winning range is rooted in nature, backed by science and includes:

HARMONY: Clinically proven Harmony is the only menstrual cycle / perimenopause supplement in the world that supports the 4 phases of the female monthly cycle. Made with 22 different adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms, there are 4 different powders, presented in daily use sachets, all containing a daily dose of Affron®.  Harmony is for women 16+ with regular, natural menstrual cycles and very effective during perimenopause.

FREEDOM: A combined powder clinically proven to naturally ease menopausal symptoms including brain fog, anxiety, depression, low libido, fatigue, hot sweats, and joint aches whilst supporting metabolic and cardiovascular health. Freedom can be used instead of, or in combination with HRT and is for women who are no longer have regular menstrual cycles and/or women using hormonal treatment (HRT, coil, pill etc). 

POWER: A ground-breaking adaptogenic supplement, specifically for men.  Formulated to improve male vitality, ‘Power’ includes eight powerful adaptogens, herbs and medicinal mushrooms, including Affron®, clinically proven to enhance libido, improve energy, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and joint pain and help to maintain a state of relaxation. 

CALM:  Organic, ethically sourced Ashwagandha root powder to help support the nervous system, reduce anxiety and balance the hypothalamic pituitary axis.  Clinically proven to improve sleep quality and duration. 

FOCUS:  Organic lion’s mane dual extract and fruiting body powder for full spectrum support. Benefits include improved focus, mental performance, clarity, cognitive support and gut health. 

Visit  to find out more.

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