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Beyond three score and 10

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A few years ago, we asked a bold question: what are the key ingredients to a long and healthy life? Specifically, what 100 conditions might best maximize your chances of living to 100?

From our research over the years we knew that the key to healthy longevity isn’t a matter of a few resolutions on January 1 to follow some new weight-loss diet or kick off that exercise plan, or even target a particular condition.

A piecemeal solution is not the recipe for a long life, for full, robust health is holistic-a combination of a healthy mind, body, spirit, environment and community. The good life also requires a healthy scepticism toward some of the advice meted out by modern medicine.

We began poring through much of the material we’d written about diet, exercise, and spiritual and mental health over the years, and those practices that in our

view were most likely to contribute to the health of your children. We then studied the most important information we’d shared about cleaning up the toxic soup that constitutes the average modern home and workplace,

and sifted through disclosures about those practices in medicine that are the most potentially dangerous or useless, according to the latest evidence.

Next we looked to which practices most contribute to a robust spiritual life. As growing research shows, the greatest medical pill of all may be connection-to one’s family, community and even a higher spiritual power.

We then distilled all this evidence into a handy list of the 100 best practices that in WDDTY’s opinion are most likely to maximize your chances of living past the usual three score and 10. This year’s list represents a fully updated version of our top 100 recommendations. Incorporating some of these ‘apples’ into your life every day may well help to keep the doctor away (page 24 of January issue of WDDTY Magazine).

One of the most potentially dangerous of your body’s many activities is inflammation, which, if left unchecked, can play a key role in diverse illnesses, from heart disease to depression. But foods can improve or worsen the situation because they augment bodily processes that either promote inflammation or help put out the fire.

In her new book Meals That Heal Inflammation, noted American nutritionist Julie Daniluk has created a unique diet plan to help quell long-term inflammation in your body through scrumptious recipes-all made with anti- inflammatory ingredients (page 67 of January issue of WDDTY Magazine).

And speaking of foods, our raw-food chef Marke?ta Bola weighs in with enticing New Year’s recipes, all made from four of the healthiest raw foods (page 61).

One key to healthy old age is a supple spine, but no body part is subject to greater punishment in this computer age. Make it your New Year’s resolution to follow exercise expert Paul Chek’s simple programme, designed to end back pain in seven easy steps (page 38 in the magazine). And speaking of getting moving, astonishing new research shows that regular exercise works better than taking drugs for many major conditions (page 18 in the magazine).

For those of you threatened with osteoporosis, read how one woman reversed her osteopenia and developed stronger bones by changing her diet and exercise programme (page 64). Plus, check out all the alternative possibilities for treating polycystic ovarian syndrome

Robust health is holistic-a mix of healthy mind, body, spirit, environment and community, plus cultivation of a healthy scepticism of advice meted out by modern medicine without drugs (page 45) and, for those of you with eye problems of any variety, see medical detective Dr Harald Gaier’s list of the best alternative treatments to stave off the ‘old age’ diseases of cataracts and glaucoma (page 42 in the magazine).

Natural vet Paul Boland offers sage advice about alternative ways to prevent ???????????or treat your dog’s bad tum (page 54), and electrosmog expert Guy Hudson details the best way to fend off the radiation in your kitchen (page 57 in the magazine). Anat Baniel, our resident expert in children with learning challenges, argues that the most support ive state for any parent is to bean ‘inner cheerleader’, quietly delighting in the tiniest of developmental forward steps (page 48).

Read how Anna Baudrain discovered that her puzzling neurological condition was down to lead poisoning (page 76). And for those you inclined to an annual heavy-metal detox, follow our eight-point plan (page 80 in the magazine).

Besides your body, you can also detox your handbag by getting rid of the toxic stuff in your makeup bag. In our Healthy Shopping section we offer our shortlist of the safest cosmetics to replace those everyday brands.

Here’s to a health full NewYear, and may you enjoy many, many more of them!

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