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News Articles

NEWSHPV vaccine 'a second thalidomide scandal', says new YouTube documentary

September 9th 2017

The HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is unproven and could be the next thalidomide scandal, claim the producers of a new documenta...

NEWSMeditation can help you drink less

September 1st 2017

Worried about your drinking? If you fear you're hitting the bottle a little too much, just a few min...

NEWSVitamin C can help prevent leukaemia and other blood cancers

August 24th 2017

Vitamin C plays a vital role in fighting leukaemia and other blood cancers, two new studies have discovered.

NEWSHPV deaths hidden by deliberate bad science, say researchers

August 22nd 2017

Medical researchers have accused drug manufacturers and regulators of playing dirty tricks to concea...

NEWSEat a little less every day to stay young

August 21st 2017

Eat a little less every day if you want to stay young—biologically, at least. People who cut down ...

NEWSEat walnuts for a healthy gut

August 11th 2017

The gut plays a pivotal role in our health—as researchers are discovering—and eating walnuts is ...

NEWSChemotherapy helps breast cancer spread

July 7th 2017 in Drugs, Environment

Chemotherapy has been the routine treatment for cancer for more than 60 years—but researchers have discovered only this week that the toxic drug h...

NEWSRed onions have the double-whammy killer punch against cancer cells

June 19th 2017 in Environment

When it comes to cancer-fighting foods, you have to know your onions, in fact. They are the most effecti...

NEWSScientists devise the ultimate anti-cancer diet

June 15th 2017 in Nutrition and diet

Scientists have come up with the ultimate anti-cancer diet that could prevent—and even reverse—the disease.

NEWSHeart flutter risk reduced by eating chocolate

May 25th 2017

Eating some chocolate at least once a week reduces the risk of heart flutter (atrial fibrillation), ...


FEATURECitrus cancer-fighters

December 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 9) in Drugs

The humble lemon contains the key to natural anti-cancer effects that even boost chemoSince June 2011, a widely circulating e-mail from the US Institu...

FEATUREAn Apple a Day

September 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 6) in Diabetes

With the likes of pomegranates, blue-berries and goji berries getting most of the press attention th...


September 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 6)

Where the US leads, the UK follows, and vaccines are no exception

FEATUREProduct focus: I3C: The anticancer compound

August 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 5) in Respiratory

...-carbinol (I3C), a compound that has gained attention in scientific circles as a powerful anticancer agent

FEATUREPreventing prostate cancer

August 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 5)

Preventing prostate cancerA number of dietary and lifestyle changes can help you avoid this disease or at least slow its...

FEATURETransparent dangers

July 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 4)

Even a once-a-year bitewing dental X-ray can increase the risk of brain and thyroid cancer, research showsFor years, dentists have been reassuring patients that dental X-rays are harml...

FEATUREPropolis slows growth of early-stage prostate cancer, researchers discover

July 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 4)

Bee propolis, a common treatment for sore throats and allergies, slows the growth of prostate cancer cells, researchers have discovered

FEATURECosmetics: the cancer link

June 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 3)

..., found in our air, food and water, and also in many everyday cosmetics, can stimulate breast cancer, and also cause it to become increasingly more aggressive, according to new California research

FEATUREAspirin: spin, not science

January 2012 (Vol. 22 Issue 10) in Drugs

Despite the growing mountain of evidence about its dangers, aspirin is still the greatest just-in-ca...

FEATUREChemo: no hero

December 2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 9) in Drugs

Chemotherapy may not be the cancer killer it's cracked up to be, as most of the cancer cells it targets are on the verge of dyin...

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