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Safe Living

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Safe Living

We can't help being exposed to dangerous pollutants in our environment but we can reduce our levels, if we know where the dangers lurk.

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We can’t help being exposed to dangerous pollutants in our environment—but we can reduce our levels, if we know where the dangers lurk. It’s a little like the water butt theory: our immune systems can cope with many environmental pollutants, but there comes a point when it overfills and chronic illness ensues.

So, for that reason, it’s important to limit our exposure, and Safe Living shows you the major ones to avoid or, at least, restrict.

We start by looking at the hazards we find in a typical home, including paint, fire retardants, chemicals in carpets, common pesticides in our gardens and pot plants, air fresheners, MDF and Teflon. We also explore the dangers of electro-pollution in the home, including wi fi, mobile phones, and cordless phones.

From there, we look at the cosmetics we use every day, from make-up, perfume, sunscreens and hair colour dyes.

Just reducing your exposure to one or two of these could be enough to stop your immune system ‘water butt’ from overflowing.

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