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October 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 7)



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11 results found for tonsillitis in News/features

News Articles

Antibiotics failing in up to 50 per cent of patients image

NEWSAntibiotics failing in up to 50 per cent of patients

September 30th 2014 in Drugs, Respiratory

One in six courses of antibiotics fails to treat infections - and sometimes it's as bad as one out o...


Breathe easy this Christmas image

FEATUREBreathe easy this Christmas

December 2014 (Vol. 25 Issue 9) in Respiratory

'Tis the season for many respiratory ailments, but dr Harald Gaier has a stocking full of natural solutions

Drugs that persist in the body image

FEATUREDrugs that persist in the body

October 2010 (Vol. 21 Issue 7) in Drugs, Special Reports

...s and then, today, you visit your GP and are prescribed an anti-bacterial for your acute tonsillitis

Meningitis c vaccine reactions common in practice image

FEATUREMeningitis c vaccine reactions common in practice

November 2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 8) in Diabetes

FL's sad case only reaffirms what I have been experiencing through my practice

Wrecked by fluoride image

FEATUREWrecked by fluoride

July 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 4)

Iam horrified that the water supplies in inner city areas like Glasgow may be fluoridated

Countering stress image

FEATURECountering stress

April 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 1) in Diseases, Drugs, Respiratory

Although a little stress is good for all of us, there's no doubt that chronic stress alters body che...

Possible drug connection image

FEATUREPossible drug connection

January 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 10) in Diabetes, Diseases, Drugs

Diabetes has always been considered hereditary

Case files of young diabetics image

FEATURECase files of young diabetics

January 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 10) in Diabetes

Benjamin received 19 courses of antibiotics before being diagnosed as diabetic at age eight

High price of equality image

FEATUREHigh price of equality

February 1994 (Vol. 4 Issue 11) in Diseases, Respiratory

Two recently released studies which crossed my desk this month make a telling statement about the wa...

Psoriasis image


July 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 4) in Drugs, Respiratory

Frustrated in its attempt to cure this puzzling complaint, medicine reaches for ever more potent con...

Case study: Tonsillitis image

FEATURECase study: Tonsillitis

October 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 7)

I have a 14 year old son who suffers from enlarged tonsils and bouts of tonsillitis

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